Updates to Synonyms on Item Pages

Hey all,

We’re rolling out some code changes to the synonyms on the item detail pages (like this, this, and this).

For most people, you’ll see some nicer sizing of the elements and the synonyms showing up without being ALL CAPS. The form better reflects the limitations we’ve got on synonyms (no more than eight, no more than 64 characters per synonym, no blank ones, no duplicate ones) and should give you better warning messages if you break one of the limitations.

For those of you using userscripts, we’ve converted that little chunk to React, so element names and some of the functionality has changed.

Hit us up if you have questions about it, and happy synonyming!


Is this why the review forecast is broken?


The changes should be unrelated, but there’ve been some other deploys lately that could affect that. I’ll do a little digging on my own, but drop us a note via the contact form or at hello@wanikani.com with browser, OS, and when it started happening, and we’ll dive deeper.

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Will do. I logged in on chrome that doesn’t use any scripts and the problem still remain.

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Also broken for me. I was wondering what was going on.

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Problem found and a fix is winding it’s way through all the checks and balances. Give it fifteen or twenty minutes and the forecast should be back to its old self.


Ah, nice - just dropped you an email, but good to know it’s known. :slight_smile:

Should be all cleared up (at least with my testing). Let me know if there are still issues.


A very nice feature would be to have the synonym/definition linked to a language code.
And make those non-English user-built synonyms be available to all (by selecting a language in user preferences).
I know that several people have added synonyms in their languages (I did for several items for which the English term is complicated or ambiguous while there is matching word in my language). Too bad it can’t be shared…
If I could select French in my profile and automatically benefit of all the user synonyms available in French it would be very nice.
(If it is implemented, a special code xx for “private, don’t share” should be provided too)
I know several people have


It would also be very useful if synonyms were searchable.

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This update broke adding synonyms on my phone (Redmi 6, Chrome). When trying to add a new one, the field to type in shrinks with each new synonym. By the third one it’s so thin the typed letters are no longer visible AND entering a whitespace apparently moves the cursor because “to understand” comes out as “understandto” after confirming.

No user scripts installed.

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Well, shoot. I missed that. :man_facepalming: I’ve got a fix lined up, and we’ll get reviewed and out tomorrow morning (US West Coast).


Alright, the fix should be up!


It works, thank you.

One last minor thing: the warning when you try to enter an empty synonym is a dark red (or grey?) font on a strong red background, not easily readable. :slight_smile: