Upcoming Forced Log-out

Nah, the build just took a little while. We should all be getting kicked out (me, too!) in just a couple.


I did it; I survived the log out. Thanks for the heads up.


Anyone else getting lots of session timeouts in reviews after logging back in?


It just happened to me 3 times while I was active…


Yes it just happened to me now and I don’t recall that ever happening before.


We’re looking into it, though we don’t think this change should be affecting lessons or reviews. Any user scripts running? And this is through the browser? If so, which one?


Yes, I’m getting a few time-outs randomly, the span needed for time-out seems way smaller than before
I’m on Brave, no scripts

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This is happening to me too, four times already. Each time it happened it was after hitting enter to confirm my answer, not by being idle.

No scripts, on Chrome

I’m using Chrome. Review session was less than ten minutes but I got the time-out warning asking me to refresh when I was on the last couple of questions.

I’ve got quite a few scripts running: Confusion Guesser, Advanced Context Sentence, Double-Check, Stroke Order, Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition are the main ones running in reviews I believe.

Ever since I re-logged in this morning, my review sessions are frequently being timed out and need to be refreshed. My sessions has refreshed four times in under ten minutes, including not fifteen seconds after I had typed in an answer and was in the middle of typing my next answer. Is anyone else having this trouble today?

If you’ve got scripts running, can you try disabling them and see if the behavior persists? It’ll help us figure out if it’s something we can fix on our end. It might be something with the way those scripts read the session data, and we can’t do too much about that.

I have no scripts.

Yup, can confirm timeout issue with scripts off. Passed just ~1 min after my last answer and here we go:


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Well, we’re not seeing anything obvious on our end, but know that we’re working on it. If we figure out what’s going on, we’ll post it here, along with some updates on when you can expect a fix. (Goes back to squinting at the code…)


Just joining the chorus. Firefox, timing out.

Getting timeouts too, sometimes even immediately after typing and sending the answer

Same, on chrome.

All scripts disabled. Latest Chrome build timing out during review sessions

Getting timeouts on Chrome as well

I got the time out, yet can continue to do reviews behind it!! :rofl:

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