Just got past level 10 (pacing)

This weekend I just finished level 10. I started back in January, but still dont have any burned items. Those will come next month I believe. Is this a good pace? I’m currently knocking out reviews as they come and have 70 lessons for level 11.


If it is a good pace depends a lot on you. Do you feel like you are enjoying your time without being overburdened by reviews? If so, then it’s a good pace. about 2 levels a month if I’m not wrong about my calculations. Only worry if you feel like your retention rate suffers because you don’t do enough reviews daily or you can’t really keep up with the workload.

I feel like they workload isn’t too bad. I do between 120-200 reviews a day. I could see where retention could be an issue, but I’m trusting in the SRS to make sure I dont go to far too fast. I do have a lot of items in the Guru status though. I try to focus on keeping my apprentice level below 120.

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Not bad a pace.

If you start reading, listening, or using the language somehow, retention will improve. Actual retention is important after all.

Great job on reaching level 10 @Frisbe86 san :metal:

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i dont think this is a bad pace. I started in december and am on level 12 rn so we are about the same. I havent gotten any burns yet either.

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Nice! I’m just starting level 7. I’m also taking it slow. I am pretty time poor, so I generally keep my apprentices at 50 +/- a few depending on my mood.

Glad to see posts like these. Helps with the motivation😊