[Unsupported] Leech training script


Yeah, but it also made sure that you didn’t review them too fast. Oh well, no point crying about it. It’s gone now.


Too fast meaning too often? Or meaning too close to when they will be reviewed? If the former then I can’t help you. If the latter there is an additional filter for that as well.


I’ve installed a new instance of hitechbunny’s server and updated it to correct errors (API url had changed), and also posted a new userscript: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/372086-shin-wanikani-leech-trainer

Basically, I use this a lot, and having it not working is Not Good for my studies. I just deployed their code quickly to a free heroku instance and changed the URL in the trainer script and my very basic, still-at-work testing indicates it’s doing okay.

Disclaimer: I know nothing at all about Go which the server is written in, so there might be proverbial colliding with spinning blades and I wouldn’t know at the moment.

Anyway, give it a shot and see what happens.

WaniKani Leech Trainer - Broken?

I installed it and was unfortunately met with the same error page as with the original program. Is there something more that I’m supposed to do besides just download it and uninstall the old program?


What error are you getting? It’s the same code as before on the server side, so it’ll still occasionally take a long time to complete. I’ve seen logs of some taking ~20s,


I got this:

This site can’t be reached

wanikanitools-golang.curiousattemptbunny.com refused to connect.




That definitely shouldn’t happen with my version unless I missed a bit! Do you have both the old one and new one installed? If so, remove the old one.


No I deleted the old version. I’m sure the error has more to do with my computer being uncooperative than an error in the program. I’ll try using it on a different computer and see what happens


Hi, I am getting a bug recently when trying to use this script on Chrome.
The leech button appears correctly and when I click it I am shown the first asked item, but I cannot validate my answer using “Enter”.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the script but it does not change anything for me.
Did anyone met this issue before or has an idea to fix it ?


The script hasn’t worked for many weeks. You can either install @rosshendry version of the script here or you can use Self Study + Additional Filters for a more stable but also more basic solution.


God bless you @rosshendry, I didn’t realize just how much I relied on the awesomeness of the leech training script until it went away.

SO happy to have it back!