[Script Request] Overhauled Leech Tables

So, I’ve been searching for a way to finally squash these pesky leeches of mine, and come to a few conclusions. I’m sure my experience won’t resonate with everyone, but I’ve found that using the self-study scripts to train leeches isn’t that effective for me, for a few reasons, namely:

  1. Starting a review queue with my leeches (when there are so many) isn’t sufficient for me to sort them out in my head.
  2. Without an easier way to know what my leeches are and organise them according to the aspects that confuse me (similar readings, appearance, mnemonics, what have you), I end up in a repeating cycle of failing my leeches during self study review without learning anything.

This got me thinking that having a table where my leeches appear would make it easier to see what parts I’m getting hitched on - to make 1:1 comparisons between the ones that I confuse. I tried out this script which is a good script, but it didn’t satisfy what I was looking for.

I appreciate that making scripts is a lot of time-consuming, hard work, and I don’t exactly expect someone to go to that trouble just for me, so I figured I’d offer ideas on what my ideal leech table script could be, and if anyone gets inspiration from that to make it or any iteration thereof, we’ve all benefited.

  • Sorting by radical, kanji, vocab etc within the leech table.
  • Sub-sorting by level, or dual-filters
  • Sorting by identical reading, similar meaning/synonym.
  • Sorting by most frequently wrong, most recently wrong
  • Full width table on the dashboard which shows meanings, readings, and maybe some value of interest (Leech rank)
  • Having a “compare” list where I can directly select leeches to group together in the table, and/or automatically open their respective item pages.

I had more ideas on what could be included, as I expand my thoughts I’ll include more above.

My thinking behind this is that sorting by kanji and by leeches would very quickly get me to the root of my problems. I’ve been playing around with a few other scripts and haven’t found anything else that really hits the spot here, or is powerful enough to help me identify patterns in what’s confusing me.

Thanks for reading, cheers!


I think the script below should help with at least this. Its activation is a little broken now due to the update, so I hope it is still working, but what it at least does is that it takes your leech and asks you to review it 3 times, along with 3 reviews that contain a similar looking kanji or vocabulary. In this way, you can really see where your mistakes lie and what you are confusing the kanji with.

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That’s a good script for sure, but it’s not a leech table. I’ve used it before. I find that reviewing leeches alone isn’t enough to kick them, and that maybe seeing some comprehensive information side-by-side on some of my leeches would help a lot. Thanks for linking though :smiley:

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Woudn’t just a list and you being able to move items together make this way easier?

So, just display a list with meanings/readings (like you have with vocab from the same level), and allow us to move them around. Seeing a list of 100+ items takes 1 min, so I see this as a pretty effective method to revise not so solid info.


That’s basically what I’m looking for, with some more filters than what the current alternatives have, yeah. For example, being able to sort kanji-only would be a major advantage over having vocab, kanji, radicals, everything mixed in.


Oh right, silly me. Filtering should be relatively easy yeah! I agreeeeee

Important script right hereeee! Typing your answers takes a lot of time and energy. Easy access and quick revision makes this a very good idea, I’d say :v: