[Unsupported] Leech training script

I’m also wondering about the shadow. Would look nicer without it. :slight_smile:

I just wanna thank you so much for creating this script. This will clearly be a tool that will help me avoid burning out. 5 days ago I had 65 leeches, but now I only have 45! WK feels so much easier now that I don’t waste that much energy on leeches. I suspect the number will decrease even more since 31 of my leeches are in Guru (and it takes more than 5 days to review all of them).

Again, thank you :slight_smile:

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Could you explain why it accepts any of the kanji readings?

I had the 欠 kanji in my leeches list, and it accepted my answer of か. However, when 欠 later appeared in my WK reviews, it wanted けつ instead. I had been training myself on the wrong reading during leech reviews, which added to my confusion.

This is a great script which I will be using a lot, but I think that is also a legitimate bug.

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Hmm. Good question. I actually don’t know which of the readings types (kunyomi / nanori / onyomi / blank ("")) are or aren’t accepted for kanji. Does anyone on the thread know the answer?

      "data": {
        "character": "欠",
        "character_images": null,
        "characters": "",
        "component_subject_ids": [
        "created_at": "2012-03-26T22:56:11.000000Z",
        "document_url": "https://www.wanikani.com/kanji/%E6%AC%A0",
        "level": 7,
        "meanings": [
            "meaning": "Lack",
            "primary": true
        "parts_of_speech": null,
        "readings": [
            "primary": true,
            "reading": "けつ",
            "type": "onyomi"
            "primary": false,
            "reading": "か",
            "type": "kunyomi"
        "slug": "欠"
      "data_updated_at": "2017-10-04T18:56:23.703801Z",
      "id": 646,
      "object": "kanji",
      "url": "https://www.wanikani.com/api/v2/subjects/646"

Sorry but may I ask what is a “leech” ? hmhm

@Anhle Check out this thread:

@hitechbunny Maybe try looking back at the self study script. Somehow rfindley got that to do the same shake-if-wrong-reading behavior that is done in reviews.

I think the trick is looking at the primary field. It is true for the onyomi here (けつ) and not true for the kunyomi (か). The correct reading is the one where “primary === true”.

Aside: There’s one more field called “primary” next to the kanji meaning. I have a feeling that for meanings, even “primary === false” is accepted (since those would be synonyms). I think that this is how WaniKani chooses which meaning to show by default beneath the kanji during the learning phase.

For readings, you can have the script hint that the other reading is preferred if they enter the wrong type.

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How come I got more than 200 leeches. I may … up somewhere, shit :frowning:

Overall I really like the way this script works. I plan to use this to help with the numerous leaches I’ve built up through fast leveling. Still, there are a few things I would like to add, things which would would really make this app more convenient. If I may

  1. Not having to double press n. Essentially making it so the system would just accept n as ん. A lot of the time whenever I mess up a word with n, it is not because I don’t know it, but because the system didn’t change it when I though it would.
  2. Customization of what items to review. That way, if you feel like there is an item is more of a leach than other, you can decide to review it more times.
  3. An ignore script for typos
  4. All of the synonyms displayed when putting the wrong answer. That way, you can know the many different meanings of the word.

Other than that, I think this script really does an excellent job. I can already see it being a boon to my future WaniKani memorization.


I’m using the standard wanakana script for this. Do you not have to double press n when doing the normal reviews?

Thanks for the feedback @xyzbuster. My plans for the script are (and this is already probably too long a list for me):

  • Move the leech review preparation logic to my website - so that it can cache all of the user’s synonyms, and leech review queues work across browsers (e.g. home and work computers)
  • Add in a mnemonics review at the start
  • Repeat each item at least 3 times, and only remove if from the list of leeches if it’s passed all three times
  • Add in confusion elements too (and they have to all pass for the leech to get removed).

My early thoughts on the last one are mostly around adding in extra items around readings mistakes:

  • switch type subject <-> vocab for a different reading (内 nai <-> 内
  • switch similar kanji for a different reading (休 kyuu <-> 体 tai)
  • switch hiragana/kanji for a different reading of the kanji (天国 tengoku
    <-> zenkoku 全国, 正す tadasu <-> 正直 shyoujiki)
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For Wanikani, whenever n comes either before a letter it can’t possibly be connected to or at the end of a word, WaniKani automatically changes it to ん. For example

  1. The n in something like いちもんじ (一文字) automatically turns into ん whenever I hit the subsequent j for じ. This is because there exists no kana in which nj would be used, so it automatically understands it as a ん then a j.
  2. In something like せんうん (戦雲) (not a WaniKani word but was all I could come up with) if I don’t double tap the ん it becomes せぬん instead of せんうん.
  3. And, if the n comes at the end of a word like in さくせん (作戦), then it automatically converts the last n into ん.

As for your suggestions, I personally think it would be better if we were able to have an options to have a mnemonics review at the start. It would allow things to progress much more quickly in my opinion. Also, I’m not sure what you means by confusion elements, but if you are talking about tagging words so that they will only be removed whenever the user says they could, I think that would be a good idea. Still, I would like to be able to add words from WaniKani if I find them to be leaches and the system doesn’t catch it. While the system might be good and catch all my leaches, I feel giving the option would be more calming for the user.

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gimme gimme gimme :star_struck:

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I just noticed something I don’t think has been mentioned yet. When the leech trainer asks for a reading on the kanji, it accepts both the readings WaniKani wants and the ones WaniKani doesn’t want.

So, if I were to be asked for the reading of 投 and I typed in とう (the onyomi) instead of な (the kunyomi), it accepts it. Even though WaniKani itself would not accept とう as say it wants the other reading. Something worth noting.

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This is a great script and saves me a lot of time transferring all of my leeches to HouHou to review- which was the plan. However, would it be possible to incorporate both the readings and the meanings- instead of just what you are the worst on. The way I see it, more practice is always better :smiley:


Cool script.

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Thank you!! I was wanting something exactly like this and then here it is!

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Another item worth noting (Sorry that it seems like I’m piling on the criticism, I really do like this script a lot and simply want it to reach it’s full potential).
Whenever I signed out of WaniKani on my computer, the leach script number reset. Essentially, instead of saying I reviewed all my leeches, it reset to just saying I must review all my leaches. I think you were saying something about putting it on a separate site so that you could review on different platforms and I think that will fix it. Just something to keep in mind in case.

This is awesome.

It probably shouldn’t count a word as wrong if you press enter without typing anything?

Just wanted to say, a big thank you! That’s gonna be very useful/humbling…

I fixed a bunch of issues. Thanks your patience!

  • Prevent double enter.
  • Fix circle styling (and make it dark-theme-friendly).
  • Only accept the primary kanji reading.
  • Accept “n” as “ん”.