[Unsupported] Dashboard Userscript: Leech, Apprentice, and Guru detail (aka SRS level progress)

The white numbers under Apprentice and Guru?


This part

Relax, I’ll have my new version up for you soon!

I’m relaxed! He asked. xD

You just seem very very desperate to have it back. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t want to step on seanblue’s toes, but here’s an interim solution for you: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/372093-shin-wanikani-srs-level-progress

I don’t intend to maintain a load of hitech’s scripts, but it’s clear people were definitely making good use of them! Once Sean’s is in place I’ll deprecate this and use his. Mostly, I just want to get my leech trainer back!


Nah, I just happened to see them talking about it in another thread so I mentioned we were already talking about it here. And then he posted here and I didn’t know what he was talking about.

I’ll check it out, thanks.

Edit : It works, thanks.

I’ll keep an eye out for your version, sean. Thanks so much for helping. :blue_heart:

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For those that missed the new version I posted yesterday.


I created a best approximation of the Leech List in this userscript. I don’t know much about web development, but its pretty close to what was there before.

@seanblue, @ukebox, I think I found what happenned. I installed @rosshendry’s script (interim solution). I thought I installed seanblue’s code too but I can’t find it in my list of installed scripts.

Hey thanks for making this script! It is very useful to me.

But… it just stopped updating itself, so the count doesn’t match my progress since yesterday. What can I do to fix it?

My computer doesn’t want to screeenshot right now, so here is a copy/paste. I just did 14 lessons.

  • 61

8 / 17 / 5 / 32.(0 / 0 / 3 / 11) 14


Did you see that this is unsupported?

Is that a recent development? Because I was using it fine, until a week ago when my tampermonkey stopped working. I reinstalled it and had to reinstall all the scripts I had been running

The script has been misbehaving since last summer, as have scripts by this author. There are some fixes to their scripts, including this one, but I don’t know if all functions have been restored.

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Okay, thanks! I’ll see if I can find an alternative. I think I saw one already

Yeah, just scroll up and you’ll find at least two alternatives for this script

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Can someone point me to the alternatives, I can’t find them :expressionless:

There’s this one:

And this guy:


Shameless plug time.
If you’re looking for the breakdown portion, and not the leech aspect:

Breaks it down more than this script did.


Thanks! ATM I’m mostly interested about the levels breakdown (Apprentice 1,2,3 etc.) so I can approximate how much leeway I have with taking more lessons; i.e. if a lot of items are leaving apprentice soon.