How many leeches did you collect?


I have 218 leeches at the moment.

I feel demotivated :frowning:


wanikani tools says 17. I feel like there’s a lot more…


Where did you get the number 218 from? According to your profile, you have 96 apprentice items and 408 guru items overall, which are very reasonable numbers.


Currently sitting at 10.


Um… what the heck is a leech?



An item that you just seem to be unable to learn, no matter how many times you review it, at some point you always manage to get it wrong and down an SRS level or two.


Thank you! I feel so educated now! :grin:


Best practice to kill leeches: Hate them openly in the forums. Kill them with a thousand words if you have to! :dagger::triumph: Don’t let them multiply! :scream:

By the way, where is your avatar from? It’s cute.


I believe it’s Kushina from Naruto.




The wanikani extension that I use says that I have 80 “leeches”. Though, it’s also counting one’s I’ve only gotten wrong twice.


Holy cow, that’s a lot of leeches in relation to your total item count :open_mouth:
How do you go about learning your items? Do you use the mnemonics? Are you doing something to address those leeches?
Now I’m kind of afraid of the later levels :sweat_smile:


Ohhh… I don’t know much about anime, but google says it very much her by the looks of it.


Best practice: don’t rush! And maybe also use as soon as possible! :sunglasses:


Already doing both, so I’m solid. :sunglasses: For now. :stuck_out_tongue:


‘Later’ levels are fine as long as you don’t go through your lessons all at once. Sure, some people have done it and were fine, but I do 10-15 new items a day, and I do about 100-120 reviews a day. The only exception is if I get a batch of radical lessons, then I do those all at once. Just keep that in mind, and do what works for you!


To expand on this: It also depends on your previous knowledge. For example, in my case, I know quite a lot of words already. Just don’t know the Kanji. Learning speed will surely be different.

Just don’t do more than you can process. It’s not a race, it’s about retention! Learning Japanese is almost a way of living. It changes you, and maybe stays with you for a very long time.


@Powerpuncher @Zenguro Yes, it is Kushina from Naruto. Thanks! :blush:


I also have 500 Burned :blush:

I use mnemonics and to address those leeches i export them to memrise because the spot the item between others and drilling them in helps.

I also had a … lets call it lazy attitude which bites me til today… damn you Soil (土)!