Unburn stuff in large amounts/when doing burned reviews?

Is it possible to have cards you get wrong in burned reviews automatically unburned?

I am coming back to Wanikani after years and decided I did not want to reset all the way down to level 1 (I reset to level 5), but still there are a lot of burned cards I could use coming back into the regular round of reviews.



I don’t believe there is currently something that will automatically resurrect items as/after you get them wrong, but that can certainly be made should someone want to take that on. In the meantime, your option for mass resurrecting is the script Burn Manager. Fair warning though, it’s an old script that seems to be mostly working aside from image radicals in the UI (but the burn/unburn functionality seems to still be working). You’ll have to make note of which items you got wrong and find them manually.


Thanks, I’ll take a look!

Replying as I personally think this would be a very useful feature or userscript. I’ve got a lot of items that I barely manage to burn as I recall them just to get them right once, and I’d really like to readd these after having them wrong in the burned reviews to make memorization even stronger.

It honestly seems pretty strange to me that there isn’t a “resurrect” button (preferably with a toggle-able keyboard shortcut) in the official burn review after you expand details. I’m familiar with the Burn Manager script mentioned above, but as a) it apparently has some issues due to the API, b) it was created before the official Burn Review feature was introduced, and c) I don’t care about anything so fancy, I’m happy to consider them one at a time as I get them incorrect.

I wonder if @rfindley could weigh in as to whether—given the existence now of the Burn Reviews, would it be possible through a userscript to Resurrect items in a UX similar to Double-Check, where you can decide after completing an item but before moving on to the next? Would it avoid the API rate-limit issues? I haven’t written a WK userscript myself before, but it feels like if someone knowledgeable like @rfindley told me it was doable, this seems manageable enough as a first project.

Now that I’ve reached the halfway point, I’ve started doing burn reviews and it’s painful when I think, “oh, I really should still know that, I’ll resurrect it" and then bizarrely there’s no link from the review page to the item page, so I have to open another tab to the dashboard, search and navigate to find the page. (Is there even a userscript providing that link on a review page? If so I’m using the wrong search terms to find it….)

If this isn’t easily scriptable without running into the same issues Burn Manager has, I’ll send a feature request and urge other subscribers to do the same.

I started to reply to you on this but it turned into a longer unrelated reply so I made it a separate post: