Unburnable items

It would be really cool if we could make items unburnable, i.e. after correctly answering them on Enlightened, just keeping them in Enlightened, or something similar that just keeps them in the SRS.

Why? Because I have like 975 burned kanji and I can probably not even remember half of them.

I know there are alternatives, but none of them are ideal.

  • Extra Study for burned items is nice, but it always features the meaning and reading back to back, and it just discards the item after you reviewed it? I have no idea where it goes. Also seeing that I have like 4000+ items left to review is a little demotivating. Another major issue is that they are very separated from your regular reviews, so you have the advantage of knowing that the item reviewed in question is from eons ago; unlike encountering the item in the wild, where you may confuse it with a item you recently learned.
  • Resurrecting items all the way back to Apprentice is painful, and you have to pick all the items you wish to resurrect by hand.

My proposed solution? Just add an unburnable mode where items are kept in Enlightened forever. That should be reasonably simple to add and would be a much nicer solution than Extra Study or resurrecting, I think.

Ideally, we would be able to burn them by hand (once successfully passing Enlightened once) if we are sure the item in question is something we know like the back of our hand (like 一 or 人).


While I understand the reason I think it’s counterproductive.

You forget items that you never encounter. If you never encounter them then it’s not a problem that you forget them. It’s not worth the effort to review all wk items over and over.

If you keep using the language (well, read) then you will retain most of the kanji.

You will inevitably forget some items. When that happens you can go back to wk and revive the item if it’s burned. Perhaps a good idea would be to be able to set the level of an item when resurrecting it, perhaps I want to set it to guru right away, since it’s not completely new.


Hmm, I thought about your point for a while, but I don’t think I agree.
Some of us just don’t really have the time to read that much Japanese outside of WaniKani, and when I do, I very frequently find myself not recognizing kanji anymore that I already burnt.
It is a hassle to resurrect them all by hand, and I would very much like to just be forced to review them in my reviews if enough time has passed.
I understand this may be unnecessary for a lot of users, but I don’t think it would counterproductive to have the option available.


I’m not being nasty here but why are you studying kanji if not to read Japanese?


I’ve never said I’m not reading Japanese. I just don’t do it as much as some others here might, as I neither live in Japan nor do have the time to consume a lot of Japanese media.

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And that’s my point, why are you paying for and spending so much time on wanikani?

WK is a means to an end, it’s learning kanji

Unless you’ve got some weird personal goals, you only learn kanji so you can read Japanese.

WK in a vacuum teaches you nothing, you learn how to play the SRS game. You have to go on and read Japanese to get the benefits of WK


As someone who’s read a lot of Japanese at this point, I still think it’d be useful to have the option to keep kanji unburned (or to turn off the burn level altogether, except for radicals).

The thing is, all authors have their own favorite words and ways of speaking (which means you’ll constantly encounter differing kanji between authors). It’s not a big deal, since I can just highlight with my kindle and learn it over the course of the book since it’ll keep showing up. . . but I’d still love to be able to practice some of these things more, especially as someone who doesn’t live in Japan and can’t immerse.

By the way, this is my second account, I’ve already finished Wanikani on my first account @andrewkfiedler , but wanted to refresh some things since it’s been a few years. I’m also a bit dyslexic in Japanese I’ve learned :sob:

Basically, I don’t think they’re wrong to want this, different strokes for different folks, and they’re not the first person who has hit 60 to desire this.

But, do be aware that some authors will use kanji that don’t even appear in Wanikani! You do have to eventually be comfortable going outside the app to learn things (or like me, highlight in kindle :joy: ).

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