Two Weeks in and I'm Addicted!

Hello WaniKani Community,

All hail the Crabigator!!

I’m entering week 3 of WaniKani and Bunpro and I can’t say enough about how effective the SRS and mnemonic system is compared to other methods I have used to learn languages. I recently began watching Anime this past summer and since the world has essentially been put on hold I have a lot of time on my hands. Through Anime and Japanese pop music I discovered how beautiful the Japanese language is and as an English speaker I am excited to begin this journey into a brand new mindset and culture!

So glad that there is a place to share ideas and advice! Can’t wait to see where I could be one year from now! :smile:


Welcome to the forums!

I see you’ve already become part of the cult fans of the Crabgator.


The Crabigator knows all! And thank you! I have been lurking other posts for grammar advice for a while and I thought it was time to post something. It seems like a positive and helpful online community :blush:



The best advice you will hear, while you are still a lower level crabigator, is to stay at 100 or lower for Apprentice items. The way to do this is to stop doing lessons while you catch up.

Remember this isn’t a race. Find the pace that works best for you and stick to it.

If you ever run into problems, need motivation, or want to chat, everyone here has been really nice and helpful, so stop on back!


Thank you! Definitely sound advice!

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\textcolor{pink}{\huge \textsf{WELCOME! ^-^}}

welcome gif - crabigator

Take the time to check out the FAQ and GUIDE if you haven’t already…
…but you probably have, because you seem like you’re diligent and awesome like that ^-^

There’s also a lot of good stuff on the forum to help you…
…that you’ve likewise probably already seen, but it still worth mentiioning!

The Ultimate Guide for WK
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List
The New and Improved List of API and Third-Party Apps

I hope that you continue to enjoy WaniKani that your worship of the Crabigator is eternal!


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