Two thirds complete -- Approaching the fast levels

I finished Level 40 earlier today, and a lot has happened since my last post at Level 30. I’m graduating high school today, and doing college over the summer to finish my Associate’s Degree in Business Management then continuing onto my Bachelor’s in the fall.
On the Japanese side of things, however, a lot has happened since March 25th (the day of my previous post). I started immersing more, as I make sure to watch at least half an hour of Japanese Youtube videos daily – usually whatever catches my interest – and sentence mine the more complex videos. Additionally, I’ve begun sentence mining the Mushoku Tensei light novel since May 7th (exactly a month ago!) and it has posed a great boon for me. I’m only 10% done with it after all of that time, so I will likely be continuing to read it for a long time.

1,529 of these are from Mushoku Tensei, which is quite the accelerated pace. I intend to keep it up for a while. Here’s my WaniKani stats so far. I’d show MiscStats but it recently broke following the API changes.

With all of that said, my plan going forward is to spend my summer break doing more immersion, grinding vocabulary via Anki, and – ideally – begin to practice output, preferably with native speakers. I intend to study abroad in Japan in the spring next year, so that would make things much easier when the time comes.