Just finished level 30

It’s not level 60, but being halfway through is still a pretty good point to be at.

Since my last post celebrating finishing twelve levels of WaniKani, I quit the Core 2k/6k deck at around 3.5k words and started sentence mining, as I promised myself I’d start immersing properly at the start of January of this year. Today, it has been three months since I started and I now have 3,719 words mined from anime consisting largely of fantasy and some slice of life anime. I haven’t been able to do the JLPT but I intend to do the N2 in December of this year. During my summer break I’ll most likely take a stab at reading literature, since then I can better reinforce some of my vocabulary and come to really understand things.
It’s been 9 months since I started learning and I intend to keep going, so acquiring one thousand kanji will be a great boon for me. I’m looking forward to the next half-year of WaniKani to that end. Immersing and sentence mining has helped me acquire some of the kanji seen later in WaniKani as well, actually. It’s good to have that sort of reinforcement.
For anyone curious about sentence mining – basically just immersing and making Anki cards for words you don’t know, I’d greatly recommend it once you’ve built up some vocabulary from other sources to start (maybe ~1-2k words or so?) since you can easily boost comprehension of your immersion material and focus on enjoying it as you progress instead of suffering through trying to understand as much.
With that said, I’ll get off of my soapbox now and work on those lessons for level 31 I’ve suddenly been hit with.


That’s a great achievement, looks like a lot of work?
What is your routine? WK reviews + lessons + anime + mining + Anki? How many hours of Japanese per day if I may ask? :astonished:

congratulations!!! i have a ton of things saved i want to add to anki, but im not sure how to format them… could you let me know your setup?

I spend on average 2 hours a day on Japanese, excluding immersing with games.
The applications I use are as follows:
WaniKani - simple enough, I just do reviews whenever they become available and I’m there to do them, same with lessons
BunPro - I try my best to do two grammar points a day, I often forget but I’m still making my way through the N2 grammar points so it’s good regardless
Ringotan - Somebody in the WaniKani forums made this for learning to write kanji, really helpful Ringotan - Free app for learning how to WRITE kanji
Anki/Sentence Mining - I do 40-75 new cards a day on Anki consisting of words I mined from anime that day, and the amount of episodes I watch that day depends on whether I’ve reached that range of words mined yet.


By setup do you mean how I’ve formatted my mining card type? In that case, here:
I use Yomichan – chrome/firefox add-on – to mine words which has been very helpful for saving time with mining, otherwise I’d have to spend much time to mine even one episode of anime. I have Yomichan’s Anki settings set like this:
It also has the feature to include audio clips and screenshots, but I’ve neglected to set that up and never really bothered to do so, as helpful as it may be.


Dang nice. That’s really good retention rate

Nice technique, must be rewarding to see that you can watch more and more :slight_smile:

Definitely agree there. I started Re:Zero a few days ago and haven’t gone over 1-2 episodes per day. Really shows that there’s a lot to be gained there in terms of vocab.

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yea, thank you!!! ive tried to use yomichan before but i messed smth up… ill try ur format, thanks again!

nice stats!

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I’m not sure that I understand how you do sentence mining with anime and yomichan.

Are you watching anime on your computer with Japanese audio and Japanese subtitles?

Or something else?

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Yep, that’s what I do.

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Perhaps a stupid question, but where do you see that “current status” with all the stats listed? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in the web app.


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