Two days away from WK, turn on Vacation Mode?

I plan a bigger event where i am not be able to use WK for like two days straight.
I never enabled VM ever before, so i was wondering if it makes sense to do it for the two days. Will it destory the SRS?

Normaly i do 3-5 reviews a day with only a few reviews, so i just dont want to come back after the two days and have like 200+ reviews.

If i choose to do the VM i will ofc not do any lessons before VM ^^

It definitely alters the way you’ve been having your reviews because everything shifts. When you go on vacation mode it is best to deactivate on the same day at the same time.

If you go on vacation tomorrow at 7am, for example, you should deactivate it next Tuesday at 7am. This guarantees that your srs will be exactly as you left it.

You can still use VM for one, two, or fours days. I just don’t recommend it :slight_smile:

The most important step before you get all busy with life, is to stop lessons 1-2 weeks prior to get rid of most of your apprentice items. For shorter time away from WK I would not use vacation mode as that prolongs all pending review intervals. Better to tackle a slightly bigger review pile than normal, when you get back, but one that you managed preemptively by not doing new lessons for a couple of weeks.

Those are my 2 cents.


You can also check how many reviews you will accumulate during those two days via the review forecast. If it seems like a manageable number, I wouldn’t turn on vacation mode. If you feel like it’s a mountain that will make it difficult for you to get back into your reviews, vacation mode is probably your best option.
As already mentioned, keep lessons low to ensure that the pile won’t grow too large :wink:


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