Turtling back on land

I vehemently refused to reset my account but I keep delaying my studies, so now the time has come. Bye bye Kanji ocean, maybe one day I will swim you again.

Can’t believe I didn’t study kanji for a whole year. I have forgotten probably well over half the kanji I learnt since then. All I wanted was to read some books. Maybe I’ll join the book club this time.
What do you do, when you lose the drive to keep going or want to take a break? Can you get right back into it? Maybe my pace was too fast at 8 to 10 days per level, but it was so much fun until I started to feel the need for a break. Do you have any techniques to prevent burnout or anything that pushes you back into things after the break?


Personally, after my long break seeing all my friends who had continued to study without me and all of their progress was the real wake up. I think its more a matter of discipline rather than motivation but finding something you can use enjoy and study with is a huge bonus. 頑張ってください!


Yes, I have found motivation to do nothing but give you a starting point if anything. I just couldn’t keep up my discipline after the break. Sadly I now know nobody who is studying Japanese anymore.

I do a minimum of 10 reviews a day. If the backlog is already over a couple hundred, I will install a userscript that will allow me to do the reviews in reverse srs order, leaving the apprentice items for last. I will aim for a number, ie.: I’ll get my reviews down to 220 today. Then usually after a week or something motivation will come back, and I’ll do the remaining reviews in one day. Then I would get aporentice down to below 10/20 before starting lessons back up.

Or I reset down to 31, then 1 a month later, because my motivation was down the drain at the end of last year.


If you need a break, take one. Just don’t let it go on for long, maybe a few days, but not months.

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