Returning from a long time of not practicing

Hi I lost the motivation to study or do anything really for the last couple of months and I was wondering about how I should study now. I just tried to do some of my reviews backlog and it’s a struggle. I was wondering whether it would be better to just push through it or start at the beginning again. Has anyone else gone through the same thing and if you did what did you do?


Welcome back!!!

No experience but I’ve read that you should push through and trust the system. If it is too much to handle after trying then you can reset and start fresh.

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What has remotivated you to start studying again?
Just curious. Learning journeys are cool.

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I have experience. I restarted like 2 times from 20.

It worked well for me, but because I was studying mainly grammar, and kanji was on the side as reviewing.

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I would probably not reset (my level 9 stats lol)
I know at least for me. I wouldn’t be motivated to redo the same work again.

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I guess losing motivation wasn’t really the only thing that happened. I guess it was me meeting some new people and not really managing my time well. I kinda just prioritised talking to them over anything else. Now though I’m really just trying to focus on going back and studying Japanese again. Oh and as for why I’m starting studying again just because I don’t know if learning Japanese is something I’d ever stop studying. I mean I might stop or get distracted but when that happens the next time I come back to studying I always manage to get further than I was before.


Just push through it. Yeah you’ll get a bunch wrong at first but it’s no big deal. You’d be surprised how quickly you’ll be back on track like nothing happened. Worked for me after coming back to a backlog of over 3000 reviews.


Since I joined on March 2016 I had resetted myself twice first time from level 37, second time from level 20; both times to level 1.
And I also had a half a year stumble at level 22, but this time I didn’t do a reset and just pushed through nearly 2700 reviews.
I’d recommend going through all the kanji and some of the items. Then you’d be able to see how much you remember and how much you have forgotten and whether you should do a reset and if so - to which level.

Anyway, such things can happen sometimes. The important thing is to keep going.
My main mistake was that several times I spent too much time contepmlating the huge pile of reviews in front of me. With huge review piles one should either start doing them or reset and start doing new reviews. Either way is much better than just sitting and looking at the pile trying to force oneself to do it.

Anyway, best of luck with your studies!


Thanks for the encouragement! On the second day of fighting 1600 reviews now, and it feels very daunting since I forgot so much :smiley:


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