Tsurukame Graph

Can anyone explain the bar graph in Tsurukame in detail? I’ve been looking for an explanation on how to read it, but I feel like I’m going in circles.
I believe I understand the pie charts, each color differentiating each category (radicals, kanji, and vocabulary [respectively]), they show you how many are remaining for the level, and how many of each are on each tier of experience.
The bar graph, on the other hand, has a bunch of numbers on it, a purple line, that might be an average. I think the numbers along the x-axis are timestamps, but the numbers on my bars, don’t line up with the y-axis. For example, my tallest bar is labeled 25, but it goes about the 70 line on the y-axis. Is this a bug? Or am I misunderstanding the graph?
Can someone give me guidance?

Hi there!
Blue bars mean how many items you will get on the certain time.
Purple line tells you how many items you will get by this time if you decide to start reviewing in this time. It just stacks up the previous numbers.

For example, You have 1 review in 17:00, 2 reviews in 18:00, 10 reviews in 19:00, 6 reviews in 20:00 and 2 reviews in 21:00. But if you decide to start reviewing in 21:00 you will have (1+2+10+6+2 = 21) items, and purple line just tells you that :slight_smile:


Looks like your total number of reviews. Look at the numbers on the y axis there. It’s somewhat confusing, but if you look there at around 4:00 the number is 60 so you’d have 60 total reviews due at 4:00 if you didn’t complete them earlier. Vergl beat me to it but I already had my answer typed out, so might as well post.


That it’s a dual-axis chart. The line’s axis is on the right axis and the bars’ values are labelled above each bar. Not really straightforward if you ask me.


Thank you for the help, everyone. It makes more sense now. I was constantly looking for a help feature in the app or on the App Store page that would explain it, but to no success. A legend or key should be made for these.
Thanks again!

There are 2 charts on there:

  1. the bar chart in an x-axis only chart: each bar is labelled with its actual value so you don’t need to refer to a y-axis to know how many reviews you have at a specific time
  2. the line chart is a cumulative sum of the times so far and estimates the reviews you will have by (not at) that time. The points on the lines are not labelled with their individual value so the y-axis is used for that line

It’s a pretty common chart and a good way to get two bits of info on the same graph. You get those with a CUSUM pareto in excel

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