Is there a way to see daily review counts far into the future?

Currently, you can only see a week into the future. I know the counts wouldn’t be accurate at all, but is there a way to extend this indefinitely into the future? No reason why, I’m just kinda curious.

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Perhaps with userscripts? @Kumirei any idea?

The heatmap userscript does that, but only assuming that you do 0 lessons or reviews until then

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Ultimate Timeline user script may be of interest to you. Not infinite, max is 125 days.

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On IOS I’ve been using the companion app Tsurukame. It has a graph and data log that tracks reviews at the different SRS levels all the way out to December (so items to be burned). I don’t know if there’s something similar on other platforms, though.

I tried it, but I couldn’t figure out how to show the daily totals.

I couldn’t figure out how to use this script.

When showing a smaller number of days into the future, upcoming reviews are broken down and shown for specific times during the day, so as you noted, there is no total for each day. However, if you set the slider range max to the maximum allowable (125 days) and then set the view to that max, it will end up showing on bar per day on the graph. Actually, it will condense down to one bar per day at much lower than 125. My setting is at 14 days, so that I can see my review workload 2 weeks into the future.

FYI - the small black triangles show review blocks which include items which are up for burn. The small white triangles show review blocks which include items from the current level you are on. The colours in each bar on the graph indicate the breakdown of the items in the review block. Mine is set to show radicals/kanji/vocab, but there are other options (e.g. by SRS level is one option). If you hover your mouse over any bar you will see a panel showing more details for that block of reviews.