Time remaining in level

I use the iOS app Tsurukame. In it, I can see when I get my next level-up review and a forecast for how long it will be until I level up. Are there any scrips for Chrome that will give me the same info? I have found scripts that show me the next level-up review, but I can’t find any that tell me how long it will be until I level up.

wk did get rid of their countdown timer. I’m sure there’s a script which brings something similar back.

There’s always statistics website https://www.wkstats.com:10001/progress/dashboard (https://www.wkstats.com is the old version using APIv1). You can check it there :smile:

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I think I started WaniKani a couple of years ago, looked at 5 kanji, and forgot all about it until now. Therefore wkstats is off for me. I do hope it won’t take me almost 400 days to level up!

In the bar chart you can click on individual bars to exclude them from the stats

Thanks! That helps.

But it still looks like it gives me a time for level-up based on averages, not based on actual reviews like Tsurukame does.

If you go to the old site there is a projections page that is not finished on the new version. In that you can see fastest possible as well as projections

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And in case the old site’s data is funky for a particular user, you can see the ‘fastest possible’ in the Javascript console on the new site’s Projections page. (Ignore the “under construction” message. The data is there, it’s just not displayed yet).