Trying to Read Above Your Level? Need Advice

Have you looked to joining in with reading a manga with the Absolute Beginner Book Club?

Many people who join in find they make amazing progress in just one volume, and each volume they read gets easier overall. (Moving on to more difficult manga is a big difficulty increase, though!)

Once you’ve started reading (I’m speaking as if you haven’t), it becomes easier and easier over time to get into more difficult manga. I’m not familiar with Blade of the Immortal, but looking at a preview of the first chapter in Japanese, it does look like it’s a bit heavy in dialogue!

By around level 30 in WaniKani, reading should be a lot easier as you’ll typically know more than 80% of the overall kanji used in the material. Even if you don’t necessarily know the words they’re used in, it can be easier to infer their meanings if you already know the kanji.