Trying new method to improve both reading and understanding

I open an ebook and notebook side by side and write the book content to notepad.

I would like to hear from people who used this method.

I can see how it might help with reading, but how does this help with understanding?

While writing, i realize missed points while reading. And with spending more time on sentence itself, meaning of sentence sinks more.

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I have some ebook graded readers with parallel text set up that way. The translation is provided along with an explanation of grammar. All the work is done for me.
As for your method, I use it for book clubs when there is only a paper book available. Then I do the work of figuring out the text.


In a desire for something different, I did this with half a chaper in a light novel.

It made me look up a lot of stuff that I didn’t know, and made me think about wording a bit more, but it wasn’t useful for me in the long haul. I didn’t have the patience to make SRS cards out of the things I looked up. So the writing ended up making the reading process much, much slower, with the same (lack of) retention of the stuff if I had just looked it up as I went along.

It can’t hurt to do, obviously, and if you enjoy it, that’s a huge plus. ^^ Without adding to SRS decks, I don’t really see how it will be more useful than just looking stuff up while you read. That’s just me, though. Anything that makes you engage with JP a lot is useful.

Edit: I did it with a physical book, so any unknown kanji had to be looked up by radicals, which made me engage with it much more than just copy-pasting. Made me remember them a bit better, but also slowed everything down even more.


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