True crime videos in Japanese for listening comprehension?

So I love watching true crime videos/documentaries/themed shows in English (think Unsolved Mysteries, My Favorite Murder, and Mindhunter), but would anyone know of any true crime videos or podcasts that are in Japanese? I got the idea because my friend found some in French and that’s what she uses to practice.


Ooh I’d also love some suggestions if anyone has them!
(Also for English true crime, you should check out Bailey Sarian on YouTube, she’s my recent true crime obsession)

Anyone listen to Last podcast on the left?

I did til they switched to Spotify exclusively. I refuse to use Spotify.

As for True Crime in Japanese, I don’t know any, though I’m kinda interested in reading Zekka if I ever, you know, actually get to book reading level.


How come? :thinking:

They are a horrible model for almost all the artists. You could send a band a dollar bill, and it would almost always earn them more money than you generate for them through listens. Plus I don’t like the way in which they’ve warped and homogenized listening habits for everyone. I wish others wouldn’t use it, but I know I can’t wage a one-person war against them, and they’re probably gonna be around for a while. So I just go about music consumption my own way without generating them any money, and quietly (mostly) shake my fist.


haha yeah I get it! I I use it everyday, but buy a lot of CDs and buy from bandcamp mostly. I just can`t store any music on my phone, so I use it for my commute. Give your fist an extra shake on me!

Ah, yeah, I love Bailey :slight_smile: if only there were a Japanese version of Bailey, then I’d be happy :frowning:

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