JLPT N3 Level Audio Books

Hi guys, I’m just wondering if anyone has any Japanese audio book recommendations around N3 level or even an intermediate level? The podcasts on Spotify get really boring so Im looking for interesting audiobooks.


I mean, maybe not exactly what you’re looking for, but Satori Reader lets you download audio, also you’d have a transcript for every story you were listening to :slight_smile: seems nice to me. When I was at about an N3 level I listened through the story 奥日光 on Satori Reader a couple dozen times. Also, the first Kona story would prolly be good at an N3 level, but the first few episodes feel incredibly basic (more like N4), idk.

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The easiest audiobook I’ve ever listened to which was aimed at adult native speakers was コーヒーが冷めないうちに | L29 which Natively users have graded at approximately low N2. The audiobook can be purchased here - I’m sure there are other sources, but Audiobook.jp doesn’t make you jump through any hoops re: vpn, jp address, etc.

Unfortunately all the other audiobooks I’ve listened to would require a much larger vocabulary. You could try 夏へのトンネル (time travel light novel) or かがみの孤城 (light fantasy, mostly human drama) however and see how difficult you find the previews. スマホを落としただけなのに is another one I liked and which would require a larger vocab but bear in mind it’s a trashy thriller about a serial killer. Oh, and 世界から猫が消えたなら is another one to try the preview for. It’s a light fantasy, human drama as well.


Yes, but Keiko Kitagawa and Mai Shiraishi star in them and thats enough for me. xD


妹さえいればいい, ひげひろ, and 弱キャラ友崎くん were all pretty easy audio books for being fiction I thought, but I’m not sure how doable it would be at n3… I could give you them to try out, that way you’re not spending money on something you might not be able to use.

The only stuff that was easier than that was non-fiction stuff. General advice books seemed really easy. There was an audio book about meditation and one about speaking that I listened to and they were both notably easy.


Satori Reader is probably the best thing for N3 listening practice.


THAT or Youtube JLPT practice audio tests. Those are gonna do you the most good if you are only focusing on the JLPT.


Wow thanks so much man Ill give it a shot :upside_down_face:

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Appreciate it so much thanks man

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