Translating sfx in manga

hey everyone, I plan on reading more manga and was wondering if anyone had a good strategy for translating the sfx.

I virtually know zero of them. while reading, would you look every single sound up or would just do it once in a while?

also do you have any good sites to recommend for looking them up?

any advice would be highly appreciated.

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What you basically need to learn is onomatopoeia. There are a few categories and hundreds of words in total unfortunately, so it definitely won’t be easy.

Here’s an article you can use as an intro:

And another good one from Tofugu


And here’s a link with a list someone recently posted in the Haikyuu bookclub: Japanese SFX Complete List for Manga
Though you can mostly assume what they mean by the drawing.


I find this site very helpful:


Ones that are background sound effects I wouldn’t worry too much about. I’d recommend just looking up ones that catch your interest on occasion. If you look them all up you’ll just drive yourself crazy.


I’ve always used this resource and find it to be very helpful:

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