Translating Bookmark

Alright, I admit I may have spent about $100 on light novels a bit early, but I really wanted them. But for now, I at least wanna know what the bookmark means. Can any of you help me sort it out a little?


It’s a sales slip for the bookstore’s use. You’ll find them in a lot of Japanese books. Is there a particular part of it that you’re interested in understanding further?


when you buy a book in a japanese bookstore, the cashier will pull out the “bookmark” and keep it, presumably to keep track of sales.

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When you buy books online, there is no cashier or anyone to take that slip out to keep track of sales since online companies do it automatically by computer anyways.

I may have made some mistakes, but I’m sure if I did someone else will correct me.

この売上カードは毎月初第五営業日締切りで集計し、 貴店の販売実績として配本等の参考資料に活用させていただきます。 このカードの裏面に貴店印を押し、 お手数でも毎月定期的に送り下さい。

This sales card is used as reference data for the total sales of books from your store before the fifth business day of every month. We are sorry for the trouble, but please place your store’s seal or mark on the back of the card and send it in each month.


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