App to show items repeatedly entered wrongly

Would it be possible to have an app that displays items that are consistently answered wrongly.  Perhaps by number of times entered incorrectly;

20 Wrong answers :
19 Wrong answers :

I don’t feel the Critical Item list does this - I currently only have 10 items listed there but know that there are lots more that have been answered incorrectly repeatedly and so are just bouncing up and down between Apprentice/Guru/Master. They may be above 75% now but I have no confidence that currently they will ever make it higher up my knowledge base. A list showing me the worst offenders would enable me to focus on them more.

Is it possible to scrape the data to show by number of times answered incorrectly?

Hope so…

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Good idea, although, honestly, I’d be a little afraid to look: pretty sure I’d have some triple digit items lurking around in guru / apprentice…

Yeay! Just found this feature already included in Wanikani Explorer! Highly recommended app!