Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary

Hi, love your app. I have been using for over a year at the moment and have been slowly but surely going through all the JLPT levels. Yesterday i finished all the N3 words (after finishing the N5 and N4 words) and decided to switch my study mode to N2. However, it is now showing me N5 words. I was wondering whether it is a bug or that additional N5 words have been added in the last year or so.


Some additional words have been added, yeah, but it shouldn’t show you N5 words when study mode is set to N2. Can you try to set your study mode to “10k” (“optional” settings ticked), save, then switch to N2 again and check if there are still N5 words in your lesson queue?

I mean that I switched my study mode to N5 + N4 + N3 + N2. So I needed to go through a couple of additional N5, N4 and N3 words before I got to N2 words. I was just bit confused in the beginning, because I couldnt remember whether I already learned these words through tori or whether I saw them on Wanikani or the elementary course I followed years back. (decided to include the wanikani words, because I also wanted to know them EN -> JP).

Anyways thanks for your reply!

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Hi, just popping in to say thanks so much for making this app! I use it mainly to add words that I come across in grammar studies or ‘in the wild’ and so find it really helpful to be able to browse and add vocab to my queue. The voice recordings and example sentences are also very helpful. Many thanks for all of your hard work on this :slight_smile:


I’m gonna chime in with more appreciation. I love spaced repetition as a study method and applying it to vocabulary really helps it stick.

Also I love that I can hide readings by default, and only show them if necessary. I found myself relying on the reading way more than I should, even just from my peripheral vision. Good stuff!


Just got started using this and am really liking it so far!

I do seem to be having an issue with the font randomizer though… I have it checked in the settings and have added/installed the fonts but it’s always just using the default font during reviews. The ‘A’ icon at the top is also greyed out, when I click it it briefly turns blue but nothing else seems to happen. I tried searching for an answer but haven;t seen mention of people having this problem

Is this something anyone else has had and/or does anyone know how to get it to work?

Good to have you on board!
I got an email from somebody who has the same issue with the font randomizer. So, you’re not the only one. I’ll look into it. You’re running Windows 10?


Yup! Windows 10 for me!

Thanks again for making the app, I had been unsure what to use for more vocab so it’s really nice having this fit along wanikani so well

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Just started trying the N5 out. Really appreciate the effort in a free app.

I’m on Android, wondering if anyone also has the following issue: The last example sentence is getting cut off. The scroll bar ends.

Hi there :wave: Added to the bug tracker, thanks for reporting.


Digging some of the scraped examples :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside, it is a bit rough around the edges. But I am enjoying it and will definitely keep using it :slight_smile:

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This looks like it will be an amazing addition to my studies, thanks for the hard work!

I’m curious I have my torii set to wanikani-mode + kana only words. I believe it said there will be 5700 words taught in total. Would it be possible to get a list of these words anywhere? I would like to add them to my migaku’s known word list so I’m not mining the words that I will already be learning on wanikani and torii.

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Im using it on Android, did not even remember that it had that resource activated. I have downloaded 6x fonts when i started to use Torii, but it never worked for me…

Another thing that would love if it was implemented, would be to type in katana automatically when the word is suposed to be in katana, i almost never change to katakana (it takes too long on a smarphone)

I am trying to add a vocab, but it is not letting me for some reason as the example sentence gets highlighted in red. This is the sentence I want to add: NHKの世論調査では、「開催すべき」は16%で先月より11ポイント減りました

Any clue why that is?

My guess would be the percent sign, though I wouldn’t know. Try without that.

I have a question about adding vocabulary in the Android app.
I am using the “Google Japanese Input” keyboard but can’t type in kanji.
In the “Public Bugs” section it is written that some keyboards on Android seem to be incompatible with Torii.
Which one should I use instead?

Thank you very much for creating the app!

Had a quick look through features and didn’t spot this but apologies if I’m missing it - is there any way to clear your lesson queue so that it goes back to the default order for the study mode you are on? I’ve just switched to N5 study mode, but previously I’d added (potentially too many!) words to my upcoming lesson queue via the browse function when I’d come across them when reading etc. I don’t want to get rid of anything non-N5 that’s already in progress/in reviews, but I would like to clear any upcoming stuff I’ve previously added to the queue so Im getting the N5 study mode order.

No big deal if clearing the queue isn’t a possibility - just thought I’d check just in case I was missing some easy way to do so.