Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary

The more I use this app the more I love it! It has everything I’ve been looking for in a study app! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is anyone else confused by the ^ caret symbol of the unopened menu pointing up? I feel that these style arrows should be indicating what will happen when pressed, not the stage the menu is in now.

Like the editor I’m using now:

I didn’t know what happened after hitting the arrow in the app for so long because I thought it was a menu that was open, and that there was just nothing in it.

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Hey, it is quite likely that this crashing is caused by the default audio device not being plugged in. Or due to there being no sound device plugged in.

Either way, I just had this crash (both crashing when clicking “Study Now” or “Review Now”). I then realised the only difference between when it worked and didn’t was my headphones were not plugged in. I plugged them in and it worked again (Note I have no other audio devices, no HDMI or anything so the headphones are the only option software can choose from).

My guess would be that once either button is clicked it tries to initialize an audio handler and since there are no devices to assign to it the exception is thrown and it crashes.

Simple fix however its not clear what the issue is during the crash or in the logs.

Thanks for the tipp. If it happens again I’ll try. Though I usually do without headphones and it works just fine.

Hey guys, I’m back :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright, so here’s an overdue update on Torii’s further development. The apps haven’t been updated in over a year and some of you might be wondering why… That’s because, about a year ago, I started working on a Torii web app. The initial plan was to release the web app in 2020. However, it’s been a tough year for me. Much has changed. My family wasn’t spared by COVID-19 and staying motivated and positive hasn’t been easy.
Well, development has now reached the point where I can start looking for beta testers. If you’re interested in participating, you can sign up by following the link at the bottom. The first invites will be sent out later this month.

I’ll post a complete list of changes and new features when the beta goes live.
Here’s a preview though:

  • Progressive Web App (works offline; install to your home screen)
  • Flashcard mode (a.k.a. Anki mode)
  • JP->JP reviews
  • EN->JP reviews support Kanji usage
  • Add words from a dictionary
  • Auto-generated Japanese and English audio (words & example sentences)
  • Review forecast

Also, it is Torii’s 3rd anniversary today! :partying_face:
Thanks to everyone who has supported this project throughout the years! I really appreciate the feedback and encouraging messages I get from you guys on a daily basis. It’s great to know that I created something that so many people find useful and this is why I don’t see myself quitting this project anytime soon.

Web app beta signup


is it better to include or exclude WaniKani vocabulary in the long run? ( I’m using both apps) I don’t have a problem learning new words with unknown kanji and I really like the En-Jp input review which wk lacks. I know kaniwani exists but it’s definitely a huge nono for me- with my pace il be quickly overflooded with 400+ reviews a day. ( climbing back fast to 20+ lvls with a better study program this time)

I’m just afraid that I’m going to mess Srs. Like seeing the word I was supposed to review in 3 months in wk or torii thus not doing srs correctly. Or it’s not really that big deal?

I’d definitely exclude the WK vocabulary. You’d just have it in 2 SRS system, which doesn’t really help, and as you said, it can mess up the SRS stages and flood your reviews.
The WK pace is still rather slow at level 4, but it will pick up a lot soon. You’ll probably not be thirsting for more reviews then :smiley:


I personally include it. I’m not bothered by duplicates between SRS systems, and I just add synonyms where needed. In the end Torii is about expanding my vocabulary, and if I go by WK’s pace it’s gonna be years before I have a halfway decent vocabulary.

If anything, the duplicates have helped both the kanji and the vocab stick, so it’s kind of a net win.


well, as i said, WK’s workload increases, actually until about level 20 according to this graphic.
I’ll be very impressed if you’ll still think the same then.

In my case, WK + Bunpro (grammar) + a little Torii without duplicates was already almost more than i could handle, at peak WK workload.
Only now that i’m level 60 and the reviews calm down again do I feel comfortable adding many new SRS items outside of WK again.
But as long as it works for you and you don’t burn out, by all means, go for it, more SRS = more learning :slight_smile:


I space my lessons out to maintain a constant workload, I don’t particularly care about getting through WK as quickly as possible. Level 11 took me more than a month :slight_smile:

Thing is, since WK’s vocabularly and kanji are not based on frequency of use or actual usefulness, relying on WK to teach you vocabulary can delay learning frequently used words by quite a bit.

用いる is a great word to help the meaning of 用 stick, but 使う - a more frequently used word - doesn’t show up until 6 levels later. 可愛い is a word I see quite a lot, and that won’t show up until level 18. Same goes for 非常に except thats a level later still. 訳 doesn’t show up until level 32. But all of those (用いる excluded) are among the first 1000 words learned through Torii, because of how often they are used.

Rushing through WK would teach you all of those and more quickly enough I suppose - but also not teach a lot of other commonly used words, so I don’t think you’d gain much considering you still wouldn’t make much sense of what you read - doubly so because if you’re going through WK at that pace you probably won’t be able to keep up with other sources for grammar and vocab.

I prefer having duplicates but being faster in building a working knowledge of the language to not having duplicates but delaying some of the most common words I see until who knows when. But of course, YMMV and everybody learns differently.

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Yeah, that sounds like a very solid strategy! I just rushed through WK to learn the kanji. I added some very common vocab with Anki on the side, also partly with Torii. But i feel like now that i have WK kinda out of the way i can focus on vocab and grammar much more. But it definitely takes a long time to get there, at least a year, so your approach is definitely better for vocab for the first months, it’s true that WK’s vocab is not optimized for frequency.

To me WK is for learning kanji, and the WK vocab helps with that. Though i actually skipped some vocab in the later levels and didn’t have problems learning those kanji. Sometimes it helps to just know a single word for each kanji.

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I see. So it’s more just a matter of workload and not messing srs. Then il go with both options since torii provides en/jp output while also giving more casual vocab compared to kaniwani.
Unlike with last time now i can devote around 2h a day for japanese for the next 6-8 months which i hope would be nuff for 2 srs programs with 15-30 min of grammar in between.

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I downloaded torii but for some reason it says I have no internet, or the server is down, it’s been 5 or 6 days already and this is only happening on my pc(I do have an internet connection) but it works just fine on my phone, is there any way to fix this?

I’ll give that a visit! It looks really exciting and useful.

I include the WK vocabulary. I’m using Torii in EN>JP mode and it feels very much like the third leg of a 3-legged stool when used alongside WK. With WK I’m responding to the visual clues of the kanji and so, while that’s helped me enormously with my reading, it doesn’t always work for me in terms of speaking and writing when I have to try to pull the japanese word out of the depths of my brain. Torii has also really helped with drilling rendaku (and those weird occasions when it looks like it should be rendaku but it isn’t) and so I’m much less likely to make mistakes on those words when they come up on WK. Yes sometimes they’ll be clash of the SRS in that I’ll be ‘learning’ a word on Torii just as it comes up for review on WK but that’s no different to coming across it in a book or anime the day before it comes up for review on WK. In an ideal world you’d be seeing/using these words so frequently that you’d never have a 3 month gap between them.