Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary

I’ve also used Torii in addition to WK, in WK and kana-only mode. Though frankly the workload on WK became so large that i didn’t get far in this additional SRS. Now, having reached level 60, i’d like to continue, though personally i’d prefer to have my cards in Anki now.
Just keep in mind that the workload on WK will go up very quickly.

The problem of JLPT mode is that it will repeat vocab that you have learned or will learn through WK. And if you haven’t learned it on WK yet, you won’t have the mnemonics or Kanji for it, so learning it through Torii may be inefficient.
Maybe you can do JLPT5 which is about 610 words, then switch to WK or kana-only mode.
I did kana-only mode for a while, because that’s what WK vocab is lacking the most, kana-only words. (WK teaches some words that are usually written kana-only but have a Kanji form, but that’s only few).

I’d personally recommend kana-only or WK mode.
You can also switch study modes from time to time, then click on “Complete” to still get reviews from all the lessons from all study modes you did already.


Thanks. Actually, Torii has an option to exclude WK words from JLPT levels, and I would do so if I choose to do JLPT levels. For example, JLPT5 is only 130 words when you exclude WK vocab.

But doing WK mode would have the advantage to learn faster because I have seen kanjis in WK?

Oh, right, i missed the option to exclude WK words from the JLPT levels, that’s fantastic!
It’s only ~130 words for N5 then.

Yes, in my eyes it makes more sense to do WK mode (or kana-only) at least early on and only learn vocab with kanji that you already now. Otherwise it goes against the WK system and makes you learn things multiple times.
You need about WK level 10 to cover 98% of N5 kanji, maybe do N5 then?

If i were you, i would start doing kana-only vocab or WK mode.
Unless you urgently want to complete N5 and don’t mind rote-memorizing kanji the old school way for it, then learn them again on WK.


I think I will choose the WK mode. Are there any reasons why I should choose kana-only WK mode (instead of normal WK mode)?

kana-only has very common words you won’t learn on WK.
They will usually be more common and important than the words in WK mode, because WK already teaches you some common (and some rare, admittedly) kanji words, so within the 10K words, in the beginning, there will be more higher-frequency kana-only words than kanji words that aren’t on WK, if that makes sense.
Also, kana-only vocab is quite different and may be refreshing from learning kanji vocab. It’s usually easier to learn because you don’t need to learn readings or recognize kanji.
But WK mode is fine as well, just need to be careful not to hit the mark where you haven’t learned the kanji on WK already (the Torii vocab lessons will be sorted by WK Kanji level). You can still switch between the two at any time as well.

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So by choosing kana only WK mode I would learn more common words faster than in normal WK mode? In that case, I think I choose kana only WK mode. Thank you.

Yes, at least that would be my estimation. :slight_smile:

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you could still switch to WK mode sometimes to learn some common Kanji words. But i think in the beginning kana words are more important as a supplement to WK, you’ll see them all the time in reading, dialogue etc.

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Somehow my audio reviews are not playing if I set them to play AFTER the review. They only play if I set them to “At start”.

Im doing the JLPT N5 (including wanikani and kana-only vocab), should i switch to kana only?

I don’t know enough about your goals and methods to give recommendations. Do you do Wanikani on Then I’d cut wanikani in Torii. Do you want to do the JLPT5 exam soon? Then do JLPT5. Otherwise, if you do reviews on Wanikani, i would recommend kana-only mode, as that’s the most common vocab you’re missing on WK.

Im doing wanikani + kaniwani. I left the wanikani vocab in Torii because i thouight it could help me remembring some words…
I dont intend to take exams, im learning just for self-improvement and “fun” (reading mangas - watching animes - music) and for future travels (next year ill visit Japan).

well, that’s a pretty good path to review hell. I don’t know what level you are on WK, but around level 10 or 20, you’ll get 200+ reviews per day depending on your speed, many people get overwhelmed on WK alone.
I tried to do WK+KW for a while, but it was too much. Even Torii or Bunpro added was too much for a while.
So as long as your review count is low, what you’re doing sounds great, but i’d at leave out the WK vocab on Torii, and i’d prioritize Torii or grammar over Kaniwani.
But that’s just my experience and recommendations.

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Im only level 3 (i dont know why its not showing).
I guess you`re right. Its too much reviewing :sweat_smile:
I love kaniwani, sometimes it makes me thik a lot harder (usually when he asks for EN -> JP) ill try not to cut it out, ill guess if it starts to pile up ill just select to only only guru/master words.
Thx for the tips!

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i really liked Kaniwani and Torii as well, but after a while i had to slow down a bit (and basically stop Kaniwani).

now that i’m 60 i’m slowly adding in more Torii, grammar, etc.


Im learning only 5 words/day in torii, and for some reason its harder then 30 kanjis in wanikani hahaha
Nice graph, but kinda scary :exploding_head:

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@Rakantor you haven’t posted in a while. Is everything still OK?


Yeah, everything’s fine :slight_smile: I know there haven’t been any updates in a while, but I still try to work on improving Torii whenever I can make time for it :wink:

@KiraGio It’s a bug I still need to fix.


I found Torii to be a really great supplement to my WaniKani studies that I intend to stick with to learn my Core 10K! Thanks a lot for the effort you put in! It’s great you can exclude the WK vocab! :smiley:

I have trouble connecting right now though. Is the server down for anyone else?


I’m glad you like it!
The server was unreachable for a few minutes, but is up and running again.

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