Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary

@r111tan Thanks for your support! I changed the example sentences for court.

@iA1ec Thanks for letting me know, this bug will be fixed in the next update.


I’ve got another weird thing. I was just doing lessons and I was halfway through the quiz (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t finished quite yet). I was installing a video driver at the same time, just as it reset my screen to finish the installation, Torii closed, I open it back up, I now have 6 lessons available instead of 5 or 10. I just don’t know which word the other one was that I was missing during the lesson. It’s not very reproducible either. haha Hopefully I still learn the word I missed.

Very nice looking and solid app!

That said, currently it is very annoying to wait 1-2 seconds between items (maybe I’m far from the server?). Is there a reason it has to send the data immediately and not do it in batches? Or do it in the background? Also my computer burns scarily hot when I use it. Unfortunately this will be a dealbreaker until the app is optimized a bit…

@iA1ec 6 lessons just means that you were able to complete 4 lessons before the app closed and the one word you were missing went back to your lessons queue. You will learn it again, no worries :stuck_out_tongue:

@morteasd Thanks for your feedback. The overheating issue on some devices will be fixed in the next update, I’ve been working on it. As for the waiting time between items, I agree there’s room for improvements. This will have to wait a little bit though, I don’t want to delay the next update much longer. Distance to the server (it’s in Amsterdam) and connection quality in general are factors to consider.

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Great to hear! I’m in Japan (and behind a VPN usually) so that definitely affects it.

Regards to the overheating, I noticed for me at least is worse in the beginning, and if the app has been open for a while it is not so bad. Maybe some initial loading is the culprit.

Thank you for your hard work! This will be a nice tool to supplement my N3 studies ^^

Version 1.3.5 is live!

Feedback is appreciated. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Download links can be found in the top post.

New features

  • Font randomization is now available
Click to show details

I got the ideas for this feature from Jitai. When you’re doing reviews, this feature automatically sets the font of the vocab to a random one you have downloaded. If you can’t read it, you can hover over it and right-click & hold (Desktop), press & hold Space (Desktop) or tap & hold (Android) to switch back to the normal font. The font will be changed for every new word.

To activate this feature and download fonts, go to Settings -> Reviews. There are currently ~15 fonts to choose from, all taken from (You could in theory add your own fonts by placing the *.ttf or *.otf files into the folder where Torii saves the fonts, but I don’t support it.)

If you notice anything weird, for example missing glyphs, please let me know.

  • It’s now easier to test one’s Kanji knowledge: Just check ‘Hide Furigana’ in Settings -> Reviews. When doing reviews, press Tab to make it visible again.
  • Desktop: Added various keyboard shortcuts. For details, press the keyboard-shaped button in the top bar when doing reviews.
  • When searching for items via Browse, unlearned words can now be moved to the front of the lessons queue. This allows you to prioritize items or learn words that are not part of your currently selected Study mode. Use wisely.
    Unlearned words are now visually marked with gray font color.
  • A auto-submit feature has been added, no need to press Enter anymore. Use wisely.
  • In EN->JP mode, only basic PoS will be displayed from now on (eg: ‘Verb’ instead of ‘Godan verb with su-ending’)
  • Added a setting to auto-play sentence audio in reviews
  • Added some more minor features not worth mentioning in detail


  • Fixed a couple performance issues that could lead to overheating on some devices
  • Fixed an endless loading loop bug caused by the dashboard incorrectly showing ‘1 review left’
  • The confirm-button didn’t convert n to ん if it’s the last character of a word
  • Some more minor bug fixing and code optimisation

Hi, just started using this, and i’d like to turn off the example sentences. I didn’t find an option for that. Or am I just blind? Btw, you’ve done a great job. The app is so nice looking :–)

I’m getting some weird cards with missing text:


Also I had a bug where I could only write one letter in the answer box but it fixed itself when I restarted.

@morteasd Did you update Torii right after the update was released today or just recently? Because I uploaded a hotfixed version some hours ago that should fix the issue you came across.

@grapesalads Hi, I think Settings -> Lessons -> ‘Hide context sentence’ is what you’re looking for ^^


Hey came across something that was a little confusing. My lessons have just presented the word 集る(たかる) with the definition extort. The examples sentences, however, are for the definition to gather; to swarm; to flock which I found on Jisho through the link. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because I was really having trouble understanding the context for this verb until I checked Jisho to see it has another definition.

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Weeee! Thanks, this will really help me learn the vocabulary I have for class. m(_ _)m

(Well, after I defeat my 250 reviews. Good incentive!)

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I’m guessing it was a bug that this wasn’t correct since I wrote like the kanji + katakana version (but no kanji) instead of only hiragana which is the simplified version?

I just found the word 上 (かみ) in my lessons, but all of the example sentences use 上 as in above or on top of.

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@Pebblesrockz Thanks for letting me know, I just fixed that.

@MissDagger Well the input field accepts either hiragana or katakana, not both. I added this to the bugs list.


つまらない has unrelated examples attached. They seem semi-advanced.

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Can we put a (noodles) after one of these entries? Otherwise I can put the meaning when either come up and both work.

Thanks for adding this feature!

I’m really enjoying it, it allows me to add words I come across elsewhere and now can review them so they aren’t just forgotten or added to a list I never look at.


Since the latest update, I have a few wonky things that have been happening.

Review amount is more or less always wrong, and when it says I’ve finished there is usually another batch waiting (even if it isn’t even close to top of the hour), aka it ends the review session before I’ve done all reviews.

Rookie counts are completely off too. I just finished 25 lessons yesterday and another 25 just now and this is what it shows:

How can they be 16, when they should be around 50 at least?

Oh wait, I’m only doing lessons that I’ve myself pushed to the front, so are they not showing in the count because they aren’t part of my current lesson set that I picked in settings? Also, I don’t think those 25 lessons from yesterday have come up for their first review. Despite me doing them about 20 hours ago. (Which probably means that more or less all the lessons I’ve done for the last week haven’t come up for even one review… Which makes sense because I should have had a LOT of reviews this week, but I haven’t.)

So it seems that while I can push words into lessons, I’m not sure they are entering my normal review queue.

I have Torii installed on Mac. v. 1.3.5.

^ this. I’ve made some adjustments, let me know if dashboard counts are accurate now and words you manually pushed into lessons appear in your reviews.

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I think so:

So many reviews. :sob: So many rookies. :sob:

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