Top 5 add-ons for Wanikani

Hey guys and girls,

Another video here, this time talking about my favourite add-ons for Wanikani. How does it compare to your top 5? Let me know!

Also another shout out to the heroes that create these things in the first place.


Great video to start me off with some useful add-ons. I’ve only been using WaniKani for a couple of days. So I’m still trying to find a good balance in planning lessons and reviews. Thanks for the vid!

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No worries and thanks for watching!

Yea, it’ll take you a little while to tailor it to your study style, but once you’re there it’s smooth sailing!

I dont even know you can use add-ons for customizing the crab. Definitely gonna use this to help me return to the crab. (Has been away for a year, now restarting from lv 1 and will learn more seriously now)

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You should check out the big list of add-ons over at the API and Thrid-Party Apps section.

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I’m a big fan of rfindley’s lightning mode script. It advances correct answers and opens the info panel for incorrect answers automatically, which saves a lot of extra clicking and prevents the double enter problem on mistakes.

Along with 1x1 mode it saves me a ton of time.

Ive been using third party apps like KaniWani now. It has been very helpful. Im gonna get the add-on for ignoring mistake next, since I frequently typo the answer (thanks, bad keyboard).

Will check now.

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I’m a big fan of lightning mode, that would probably come in at number 6 aha.

Thanks for the KW mention!

Minor video feedback: although you’re speaking in English - you may as well solidify your pronunciation of WaniKani / KaniWani. They often come across as wanny canny (with a hard æ like in cat) when it should be more along the lines of wahnee kahnee.

It’s a bit unfair/unfortunate for you that your native accent constantly uses an 'a' pronunciation which differs to the Japanese one. Your pronunciation of the English word 'calm' is the closest. Drill that fella!

Otherwise, good stuff!


Haha, yes my accent is a curse that I must live with… but I’ll try and put some more effort into the pronunciation for these videos going forward!

Thanks for the feed back though and Kaniwani is incredible!

I watched your video on my PS3’s YouTube app last night, so I couldn’t comment there, but in your video, you call rfindley’s Dashboard Progress Plus part of his Ultimate Timeline script - it’s not, it’s two separate scripts. So in a way, you were showing your top 6. Unless if you pull KaniWani back out, as it’s less of a user script, and more of a separate app that makes use of the API (but then again, the same can be said of the mobile app, if we want to really throw semantics into it.) *shrugs* Anyway, I watched a few other of your WK-related vids. Thanks for sharing your first time taking the JLPT with us. Hope you like your N4 results when they come. ^^

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Ah, you may be right there, I know the timeline got updated at some point and I think someone else made one too aha. I really love the concept.

Yea Kaniwani isn’t a script so to speak, but I really think it’s the most important addition to the Wanikani experience.

Thanks for watching though, I still have to wait a little while for the results. I hope they don’t suck as bad as I feel they will aha :stuck_out_tongue:

KaniWani is amazing. I did not know it existed.

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