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Yesterday while I was doing my reviews, I noticed that I barely use the mmemonics given by the WK. Then, I remembered reading some comments in here expressing the same opinion… So I thought: mmemonics took such a huge time to the WK team but they seem to be not that effective for the users. How could this be fixed?

Here’s the idea: what if everyone could share their own mmemonics through the WK’s system? While doing the lessons, people would look at a list of mmemonics from the community and choose one or two to add to their card. This would allow everyone to choose the most effective mmemonics to them. The list could be organized by the number of thumbs up from other users. Also, everyone would have the right to choose to share or not their mmemonics (note section).

I really think this could make all the trouble related to creating new mmemonics go away. I’m sure the community could create effective mmemonics since they are the ones actually learning. Not to even mention the time that would save to the WK’s team.

I don’t know, just a suggestion :slight_smile:

There is a script that injects community mnemonics. However, last I checked it, slowed down the site considerably.

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Oh I see =/ Well, I guess that for something like this to be implemented, it would be better for the WK to be the ones doing it… since they’re the ones managing the whole system. I do not have any knowledge about programming so yeah… x)

I think the issue with that script is entirely how they were storing the mnemonics. It got too big and the script now takes a long time to go through the… for lack of a better word, database. I’m not sure if it’s actually using a database, or something else. If the WK devs don’t have any plans for it, the alternative would be finding someone with more experience in databases making or helping with the making of a new script.

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I tried it but I didn’t see the community mmemonics. But the idea shouldn’t be abandoned. I think it’s wonderful.

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It would be great if it still worked and didn’t slow the site down. Sometimes the WaniKani mnemonics fall flat. Whether it be that they’re just not good, reference something you’re not familiar with, or other reasons.

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I stole mnemonics from the RTK.

Still. I do want more mnemonics… especially when leeches kill.

Vocab leeches are easier to rid off than Kanji leeches after all. Because, the vocab are directly “usable”.

I think it would be neat if people were able to submit “drawings” with their mmemonics too, to make them more memorable. Like with tofugu’s kana guides. When the lesson asks “do you see the radicals”, why not color them in or something? Another site I found on the resources page whose name I can’t remember does that. I’m not a very visual person but many people are, and I think it would look nice. Peoples’ shitty art, I mean. Of course there would need to be some sort of screening so people don’t just draw dicks everywhere.

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Exactly. Different mmemonics work for different people. That is also why I think this idea could actually work.

Giving a social side to every app/system can do wonderful things. Not sure if this would have a high cost to produce or if it just isn’t the right time to do it… but I can bet that trying to make better mmemonics would be insanely time consuming (high costs too). Also, I don’t know anything about how the business is going in terms of conversion/profit… so there’s that.

Yes, you can input drawings and colored texts.

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That’s way cool. Not quite what I meant though, I meant actual drawings that could be included with community mmemonics. Also many people would find markdown unwieldy. Something more integrated, with a “submit” button to the community. The form itself would be easy to make but I don’t know how the drawing would be. I guess javascript would be necessary.

Of course the problem will all of these community-driven proposals is there needs to be a decent amount of people contributing, enough for a rudimentary network effect.

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Now let us hear those portuguese puns!

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Of course! However, in here you already have mmemonics made by the WK team so even if the community just adds 1 or 2 extra, it will help a lot. Also, making this system open will only make users export mmemonics from other places like Anki. It would take some time to make it perfect but the ranking system (thumbs up) would solve that.

The Kanji 出 means exit… That I got in my first try… but I couldn’t get a way to remember its reading… So I made this mmemonic:

“Shutsu no cu! Exit daqui para fora!”

Shutsu is the reading and Exit is the meaning. Shutsu’s pronounciation is close to “Chuto” which means a kick in Portuguese.

My sentence resembles something like: I’ll kick you in the ass! Get out of here.
Original Portuguese phrase: Chuto no cu! Sai daqui para fora!

“Sai” = conjugation of the verb “to get out/to exit”.
“Chuto” was substituted by the Shutsu, the kanji reading. Both pronounciations are very close. “Chuto” is like if you tried to say “Shutu” in Japanese.

This phrase is something used mostly with kids. It’s more rude than it sounds :stuck_out_tongue:


I love it!

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