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I know you guys (eventually) cover lots of the same vocabulary in the Genki and the Tobira series, but I would really love for their to be tracks/threads for them as well (sort of like how BunPro does it). Ive just reset my WaniKani levels in order to get back into the groove, but since Im also taking a university course with Tobira, it would be nice to be able to work with it in parallel. (Yes, I know I can use Anki, but I LOVE the WaniKani style and pacing discipline.)

I know this is something that probably is included in some post in the feedback somewhere, but I wanted to say it just the same.


Check out Kitsun ( It’s still free for now, but moving to some form of subscription model in the future.

It’s got the user-friendliness of WaniKani with the flexibility of Anki. I don’t see WaniKani ever adding anything like that, as it’s meant for learning kanji, not vocab.

Plus, it’s already got a Tobira deck ( by @hinekidori, though I’ve never used it (or Tobira) so can’t provide any confirmation on completeness/accuracy.



I’m using hinekidori’s Genki deck in Kitsun and am very pleased with it, so I will second Houndstooth’s recommendation.

P.S. Subscriptions will start in Dec.

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I guess this isn’t so helpful since you said you don’t like anki, but do you know that Tobira’s website has premade anki decks for each chapter ? I too prefer my experience with wanikani over anki but if you’re like me and 75% of the issue with anki is making your own cards and dealing with formatting and stuff, then the premade decks are actually still pretty good tools.

Yeah, I already work with a Tobira deck and work with it daily, but I really dont trust anki with the SRS functionality.

i didnt know about kitsune…thanks. Even if it isnt free, im always willing to support good projects unless they are wayyyy tooooo expensive for the product you get. Im a lifetime subscriber to both Bunpro and Wk because the work they do is so wonderful.

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