How do you get through huge chunks of reviews?

I just got through my backlog of about 450 by telling myself that I couldn’t use the bathroom until they were all done, and that got me curious.

How do you guys power through the triple (or even quadruple) digit review lists?

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It’s been a while since I had more than a hundred at once, but I told myself I would only do half of them and then wrap up, but when I got there I did the second half anyway.

Getting started is always the hardest for me. Once I’m in the flow, I can push myself further.

This probably doesn’t work for several hundreds though.

I’ve found that the Anki style script has really helped speed up big review chunks for me. Saves having to type out every reading and meaning each time. :slight_smile:

I turn on the radio and start working on it

I break up the number of reviews into quarters, finish one of the quarters and then take a break (10 - 15 mins or so). Helps me feel not entirely bogged down. Still is a lot of work though.

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I just keep hammering it until I get the nail on the head.

My retention’s pretty shite as a result.

Also, the more I am pressured the more likely I am to say “ah it’s fucking fine” which, in WaniKani, translates to “I knew that I was just a little off”.

Basically I shoot myself in the foot.

I usually do my reviews in chunks of 20, then walk off and grab a drink, or check my e-mails, or do some sit-ups or something. Basically 20 reviews, then a little reward or distraction for a moment, then back to it. Works for me :man_shrugging:

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