Advice about neverending reviews!

Well, hello everybody.I am no greenhorn now, a true Crabigator.But I’ve also faced the problem and need the teaching of the elders.What to do when reviews pile up?Well,it’s not like I don’t do them, but I am currently studying japanese grammar and try to do 100-200 wanikani reviews, but when I come back at the end of the day, they’re back to 300.Now they are even up too 400.Among these reviews I can’t always find all the radicals and kanjis that are need for the level advance(well, I guess hurrying everything with such a level of rewievs is akin to suicide, but still it’s unpleasant to me).
I tried to do reviews quickly, but made so many mistakes, that my eyes were bleeding and nerves crying.I am already study 1-30,2-00 hours a day, so rising the amount of time spend is no solution, I have a hell of the month of the exams ahead.


Do fewer lessons. Maybe even none at all. More lessons → more reviews. No lessons → Less reviews


You have 229 Apprentice items right now, which many (including myself) would consider a bit high. If you stop doing lessons for a bit as @Kumirei said, you can get that number down to make your number of daily reviews more manageable.


What @seanblue said. Everybody’s level will be different, but throttling your number of Apprentice items is a very effective way to keep your review numbers under control.

I aim to keep mine between 100 and 120 and it works for me, though there have been weeks when work or life has got on top of me and I’ve deliberately not topped them up by accepting more lessons for a while.

[edit: once you feel more able to get back to it, trust me that you can very quickly get the level back up!]

Experiment a bit and see where your happy place is?


100-130 apprentice items seems to work great for me, 130 in beginning of level, 100 after I have all kanjis and radical lessons in.

And remember, there is no slow or fast. The is just reviews. You come back and do your reviews on time and they don’t come back to haunt you back so bad.

Consider using the BISHBASHBOSH tool to review your failures after hard session, so you know they are retained at least for few minutes after review after failure. If your card doesn’t retain for 10 minutes, it sure wont survive 24 hours.

Slow down. Really focus when you do your lessons so you’ll remember better. When you get something wrong in a review, click the information and really review it. This will keep from the same things popping up in reviews over and over so they stress you out, and you’ll have a lower number of reviews because old stuff doesn’t keep coming back.

I also find that using WaniKani on my phones makes reviews feel super manageable. Seeing 15 reviews popping up feels super manageable, so I just stop what I’m doing, get those over with, and get on with my day. No giant pile of reviews later.

If using WK on phone, make sure you have app that does have ignore answer button, as getting the tiny keyboard to agree with you will just generate unnecessary reviews.

It will require some self-control for not ignoring actual mistakes, especially when you are in close but no cigar situations at apprentice 4 review.

Here is how my cards look like at level 21, leveling up every 10 days and I’m on the edge here as I only can afford about 30 minutes every morning and evening.

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I specifically use my phone when I know a review will include some word/kanji I can never remember the EXACT wording for. To avoid that I’ll make sure I have the ignore answer button available.

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