Tiny Cards or Anki

Has anyone every used tinycards or anki for the wanikani vocab and kanji and did the srs on those apps instead of purchasing the subscription? I know that even if the levels are locked you can still click on the characters and get the readings.

I’m sure someone has, but it sounds like a nightmare to me. For the amount of time it would take to copy all the kanji and vocab, with all their readings and meanings, it seems easier to just pay for the subscription.


If it takes you more than twelve hours, you’re working for less than the US minimum wage. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Or for a country which actually has a decent minimum wage, it’s more like six hours…)


Except that basically no country has a minimum wage that high. :wink:


Oh, you’d like my disparaging comments to be accurate to the nth decimal place? Can’t be having with those approximations, oh no. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve found a pre-made anki deck with all of WKs vocab and kanji, but I’m not going to link to it for obvious reasons. I also think that doing WK would be MUCH better than doing the Anki version of it. I feel like doing all of WKs vocab and kanji (and radicals) on Anki wouldn’t be as effective, sure you’ll (probably) get the stuff down, but I don’t think it would teach you as well as WK does because it isn’t structured very well.

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I actually found Wanikani via an Anki deck (which I did for about a week) – but the experience on the official website and the third party apps is so much better that I would highly recommend getting a subscription! The leveling system is fun (“woohoo made it to level X!!”), so making progress feels more rewarding, and all the content is organised for efficient learning (radicals, kanji for given vocab are grouped together).

It’s also much prettier than those decks, works better, has content that is constantly being updated, and has the advantage of a community who has made a whole lot of user scripts to improve the experience. Third party services like Bunpro (grammar SRS) or Satori reader have integrations with Wanikani that let you transfer your kanji knowledge to those sites (furigana won’t be shown on items you’ve learnt on WK).

It’s expensive, but totally worth it in my opinion, for a more productive learning experience! And they traditionally have discounts at the end of the year :slight_smile:


Like you couldn’t write a script to get it in CSV format in an hour grin

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