Timings of introducing new resources?

Hi, I’m new, returning to Japanese studying after about 6 or 7 years since I learned kana but had to drop it to focus on the rest of life. Thankfully I still remember the kana!

WaniKani is very similar to how I learned kana with Anki, but for kanji and vocab so I’m really happy this exists. With that said it’s plain to see this doesn’t address everything, there will still be grammar/sentence structure and speaking/listening to overcome.

When should I be looking at introducing supplementary resources for these purposes? I am still on the first level of Kanji so I have plenty of time, but also not much in the way of words under my belt currently, so I’m not sure how productive I could be. I’m particularly curious about anyone who used bunpro.jp for grammar, since I have a strong bias in favor of SRS stuff.

My last question is, about how long did it take for “things to start really making sense?” Like when you could actually listen to a spoken sentence and get it, isolate the homophones and homonyms and such? Or look at a written sentence and quickly isolate the meanings and intended words, even if the sentences themselves were fairly simple. One thing that’s always nagged in my mind as I tried to learn Japanese was I kept demonstrably learning and retaining more information, but couldn’t actually apply it to anything yet as far as I could tell.

Thanks for your time!


I’d say it depends on how much time you have and how much you want to dedicate to learning Japanese. If you have the time, it’d definitely be worthwhile to start out with basic textbooks like Genki I or Tae Kim’s Guide.

Also, welcome!

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I read a post on tofugu that recommended getting to lv 10~ before starting grammer, so you’re familiar with a lot of the vocab that will get used in most resources. But with you being a previous learner you might have to just guesstimate what will work for you.

If you do Genki, I would recommend you Bunpro for practicing what you learned with the book.

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