Study resources that aren’t similar to LingoDeer and Duolingo?

I just started using WaniKani and I don’t know where to go from here. I also am trying out BunPro but I think I need to be at a higher level over on WK. Which resources are good to use that have something similar to an SRS system? Mnemonics have worked well for me depending on their length.

Kitsun and KameSame?

I think it would be a good time to build up your Japanese foundation like Kanji and vocab. Until you are level 10 on Wanikani, then start learning grammar seriously on Bunpro.

I’d say start learning grammar as early as possible. I don’t see a reason to wait for level 10 since most resources provide you with vocabulary to use while learning the grammar.

Many people use textbooks but there are also many free resources online. There is a topic here for resources:

I did a lot of my early learning with Tae Kim’s guide and Cure Dolly’s videos (both of these can be found in the topic mentioned above.)


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