Time zone displayed incorrectly

Hey guys, I’m new here and not quite sure how troubleshooting works among the users here but I’mma give it a try.

My review forecast doesn’t display the correct time. I must be in a different time zone but I haven’t found out in which one yet. I tried emptying the cache of my browser, I reset my systems clock several times, I tried 7 different devices in total (laptops, desktops, android phones) and I also tried different browsers (my home is Chrome) but Firefox and Edge (ew, gross) didn’t do the trick either. This really pisses me off because I never know when I’m supposed to get back to “work”.

Did anyone of you also encounter this problem? How many people here have already requested a simple time-settings-buttons in their profile? I know that I’m not the only one with this issue here.

Any comment is appreciated.

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I don’t have this problem. Does the time display correctly in other applications or is it just Wanikani that is wrong?

Can you post as screenshot of the problem along with an explanation of why the time is wrong?

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The site receives your time zone information from your browser. Check against another site that shows that information, such as Date and Time Information - BrowserSpy.dk - if it’s also showing you a time that doesn’t match your own time zone, then it’s probably a browser setting or system clock issue.

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