How often do we get new lessons

I’ve been wating for over a day for a new lesson, I was wondering if it’s time based or do I have to do a certain amount of reviews before I can get the next lesson

It takes a minimum of 3 days 12 hours to complete the first five review stages of an item. That is only if you answer reviews correctly every time and do reviews as soon as they are available.

If the item is a radical, lessons for kanji which use the radical will be unlocked. If the item is a kanji, vocabulary which use the kanji will be unlocked.

Wanikani’s knowledge base has a lot of useful information about this:


It’s been a while since I was able to test it myself, but the FAQ page still seems to suggest that levels 1 and 2 are faster, so it shouldn’t take that long for the OP to see another lesson (assuming they’re doing the reviews they already unlocked).


I forgot about that. They did say somewhere that the first levels are faster.

I almost didn’t see that was you

I think I completed the first level in one or two days. So not that long. If your impatient, just do your reviews when they pop up, and before you know it you’ll be drowning in kanji.

Edit: So the answer is yes. You have to do reviews before you get more lessons.