Thoughts on Japanese test4you?

I don’t use this website often but when I do I feel as if all my other resources are wrong or too easy as I find its extremely hard to do and I barely can get of 3 marks on grammar the others are fine but… ? Also some of the characters I can’t read but I don’t get it all the other tests I have been doing made sense to my level until I came across it? please help…Thank you



I use JTest4U and JLPTSensei.

Some of the English translations are stiff, unnatural or just grammatically incorrect, but I like that it gives you about 20 example sentences for each grammar point, so even if the translations of grammar point examples are wrong, you still get a feel for their use.

Can you post any specific examples you’re having issues with?

Ah Im more having issues with the tests it just seems a lot harder than what I originally studied? If your not having issues it probably means you understand the grammar better than me and are able to do the tests.

These are the two tests jtest4u and jlptsensei I think the jtest4u seems a lot harder don’t you think?

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So as you can see, JTest doesn’t give you the furigana, and it uses a different frequency list than JLPTSensei, so that does make it a bit harder, although the kanji vocabulary is given at the bottom of the test. Both tests are comparing conjugations. One doesn’t look vastly more difficult than the other.

Can someone that is above both of our levels (which looks to be about mid-N5 for both of us) chime in?

Idk anymore :joy:I tried some of the other tests and they made sense ? The first ones were just really difficult for me ! Maybe this is my fault but I’ll still try my best that’s all you can do I guess :sweat_smile:.Let’s wait for someone else’s input !

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My rule of thumb is, if one thing is more challenging than another, spend more time on that thing, because it means that if I master it and go back to the easier thing, it won’t even be a challenge anymore :smiley:

Love it. Used it to study for N4.

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A question! Were the grammar tests similar to the real test?If you did take it :sweat_smile:


Hmm, I do remember doing the tests, but I’d have to check. I’ll let you know later.

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Personally, neither of these tests look too hard? I’m around N3-ish in terms of grammar.

I guess I’d recommend just immersing yourself in as much native content as possible, provided that you can comprehend about 50% or so of the content. In your case maybe check the beginner book club?


I’m gonna be honest, both of these seem pretty easy once you understand the grammar. They’re pretty much the same difficulty, every option means something different.

I’d keep doing the tests and studying.

To answer your question, yeah they’re pretty similar.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Also to be fair, I was pretty advanced in WaniKani when I did the test, so I didn’t have a problem with kanji, and I don’t really know which ones are supposed to be which level. But the kanji there doesn’t have furigana because it’s common, same happens in the other one.


That was my thought too. They looked comparable to me, but I wanted someone higher level to compare. It’s the same level of stuff, with different dressing. Now that you know that OP, keep drilling on the JTests until you figure out why one seems harder than the other. You’ll gain a ton of insight just figuring that out. Everyone’s got their own hangups, and figuring them out is part of the journey.

Higher level. :nerd_face:

Hey N3 is higher than N5 lol :smiley:

I understand what you all are saying now the tests do look comparable.It’s because I didn’t understand the grammar used that got it wrong better keep drilling these tests for a month then hopefully I’ll understand all the grammar by then!Also I probably going to start using the elimination method like what absolutely can’t be the answer because I feel then I have a better chance of getting it right!My plan now is to do the grammar tests go back on the grammar I got wrong and keep doing that until the test.:fearful:頑張りましょう!

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Oh btw I’m taking the n4 :smiling_face_with_tear:Like I said all my other things like reading and vocabulary are fine but grammar is a different story :joy:

I was just typing a response out when you added this. I was assuming you were doing N5 in August. If you’re doing N4, you have a bit more grammar to work through. I’m taking the N3 in December, but I plan to be at about the level to pass N4 by the August test as well. What I am doing is writing down all of the N5 and N4 grammar points and building my own sentences with them with the vocab I already know. Dozens of repetitions of just building my own sentences. There are a ton of good listening exercises on YouTube as well. Grammar and Listening are my 2 hardest subjects right now. That’s probably true for a lot of people on WK, since we’re getting a healthy dose of kanji and vocab here.

Do you mean july? Or is the exam date different where you are?Im also taking the n3 in December!

Sorry I’m mixing up dates. August is when registration opens for the December test here (we don’t have a July test in the US, just the Dec one). I probably wouldn’t be ready for N4 by July unless I was specifically studying for just that. I would have had to have started in earnest a good 6-8 weeks earlier if I wanted to be ready for N4 by July.

Dang, is it a race? Good luck.

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