Thoughts on Ippo Nihongo Sanpo?

I just had my first classroom based Japanese lesson this week after having done mostly self study for the past few months. Wanikani has definitely set me up for success in terms of familiarity with Hirigana, Katakana, Kanji and vocabulary.

The book we are using in class is called Ippo Nihong Sanpo, and I was curious if anyone has any experience with this textbook at all? I know Genki is usually the more common textbook being thrown around here on the forum.

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never heard of it. My class uses みんなの日本語

I heard that one is terrible!

I wouldn’t worry too much about which book your course uses. You can’t change it. Instead, focus on getting what you can from the book and the rest from your instructor and classmates. They’re much more valuable than a book!


It’s definitely not meant for self-study. But the class seems to be doing fine with it.

Thanks for your thoughts. It seems like it as a textbook published in Japan for people who are foreign and studying locally. Its printed on typical Japanese paper and there is not a single word in English inside of it, so definitely not for self study, which is fine.

Having said that, my classes seem to be structured in a way to force you to try and communicate in Japanese. She only speaks in Japanese even when explaining concepts, and they’ve provided me with two pages of glossaries that covers classroom language. Which so far has actually been really positive, because its forcing me to try and pull from the words I’ve learnt using Anki and Wanikani.

I’ll give you an update when further along in the textbook!

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