This whole API 1 & 2 thing - Explain like I'm 10?

I’ve gone through the pinned posts about it, and don’t really understand what they’re talking about. It seems like I’m the only person who doesn’t understand the terms being used. What does this mean for me? Will I have to start over at level 1 after September? Will the words I’m at Guru or Master be reset to Apprentice?

Would love it if someone could explain this simply. I know you’re all tech geniuses, but a few of us probably aren’t…


This is not influencing regular Wanikani users. You will not have to start over at level 1.

An API is a way for programmers to access Wanikani data. They are changing that. Programs such as scripts and companion web sites need to use the new API by September. Programmers were given a time period where they could change their program to the new API. This period ends in September. They must be done updating their program by that deadline otherwise their program will stop working. If you don’t use such a program there will be no effect on you. If you use a program that has been converted to the new API there is no effect on you as well. It is only if you use an old program that is not updated that there will be problems.


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