Level 3 in 2019. My stats are strange


I started wanikani in September of last year but pretty much never used it until this year, but because of this the site has registered me as being on level 1/2 for around 87 days!!

In checking the stats it seems I wont have “burnt” all of my kanji until the year 2030. Basically my delay to start has messed up my stats. Is this a major problem?

Should I start again in order to reset the stats? Do stats matter?


Just remove level 1 from the average by clicking on the bar if you care about the estimate.


I’ve been Leebo’d. If only I were quicker!


urmm… what? what bar loool


The bar in the bar graph on the stats page.


The vertical bar on the grap at the bottom of the “progress” tab.
Edit: Leebo’d


Ah~ nothings really changed but I more or less understand. Maybe when my level is higher ill work this out. Its cool stats dont really matter as long as Wanikani isnt serving me kanji at a lower rate or something


Yeah, they are just there for your own interest. It’s not an official site, just a user-made thing.







The stats site is third party, its numbers do not affect WK.


Yeah, when you’ve only got two levels, the average is all over the place. Have another look when you’ve done a few more. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank youuuuuu… this is perfect


Well everyone has already cleared everything up for you, but I wanted to let you know you’re not the only one with that problem. My level 1 is 100 days. Some of the asinine radical names turned me off at first, but after a while of experimenting with other kanji learning methods I decided to come back.


If you’ve been on level 1/2 for about the same amount of time it will not affect the stats much if you remove either of them. And regardless stats and estimates aren’t very meaningful when they only take a couple levels into account.


We are the same people. The whole radical name thing really got annoying and I just… stopped using WK.