Pop-up every time I access WaniKani Dashboard

I downloaded and installed a couple of user scripts yesterday and everything was working fine for a day. Now though, every time I access any part of WK that isn’t the community centre, I get this:

First it was 1.2GB, and when it wouldn’t disappear, I allowed it once. It stopped for a while and then came back again saying 1.4GB like in the picture.

I tried disabling each of the scripts individually and there was no one script that stopped it. It only stopped when everything was disabled. For reference, here are my scripts:

I’d really appreciate some help!

I was having the same experience about a month ago whenever I accessed KaniWani. I emailed them but never got a reply. Went away, but came back today (also on KW, not on WK so far). I’m not using any scripts, so it’s apparently not that. I just keep clicking “Don’t Allow”.

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Last I looked, this was a Safari (and Safari-based) browser issue.


That’s too bad, guess I’ll just have to do that too. Thanks!

In a way that’s good news, because it’s only been a day and I’m already very dependent on a couple of these scripts so I didn’t want to uninstall them. Thanks for letting me know!