This is literally the most annoying thing ever

I was well on track for level 13, but now I have to wait 2 days, just because I confused “chapter” (章) with “juvenile” (童) which for some reason are on the same level. Obviously I understand this will happen from time to time, but just let me be triggered.


maybe they’re on the same level to teach people to differentiate them!

my condolences, rip in pasta.


Haha I understand your annoyance. You’ll get there soon enough though! When all those new lessons come in it won’t feel so slow anymore :blush:


Better you confuse them now and learn to differentiate them than to get them confused when you are about to master or burn and undo months of progress.


I’m pretty sure I did the same! ^^; You’ll gradually learn to just let it go, because, there will be many more instances like this…unless you do the cheating scripty thing that I don’t recommend. After all, real mistakes, need real consequences to be learned properly sometimes… :sweat_smile:


Having spent much of the first few levels thoroughly confused trying to figure out when 月 was げつ and when it was がつ, I think I’m pretty much deadened to the annoyance at this point.

This language is just… wow…


Did you ever figure it out? The annoyance is still kinda alive for me lol :sweat_smile:


It’s only がつ in the names of the months (like 一月 for January) and in what month (何月). All the other times it げつ
At least in the WaniKani vocabulary
And if it’s not つき


It’s not that it feels slow, I still have 300 reviews and 200 lessons waiting for me, it’s just not fun waiting 2 days to get to the next level.

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Not to mention the random 毎月 which uses つき for some reason.

or four months, yeah.

I didn’t have much trouble with 月 words, weirdly, but I definitely had trouble with 人 words, and the stupid 一人 一日 一つ words (all of the numbers not just one).

Why past tense? You’re going to have fun with many more 人 words :wink:


This happened to me last week when I entered the radial’s name for the kanji. :confounded:


The newer 人 words don’t give me nearly as much trouble. Maybe I just got used to them, or unconsciously made rough rules in my head, either way the newer 人 words are much easier for me.

I felt this one, ngl. Same thing for entering a kanji’s name for a radical with a different name, when you haven’t reviewed it in awhile. (cough cough 一 cough cough)


Man, I envy you right now, wish I had some time to rest from new lessons. :smiley:

Seriously, don’t rush it, it is easy to burn out at this pace. You definitely need to learn to let it go, or you will smash your device over some nin/jin word one day. :laughing:

I burnt out for around a month, and only did around 10 - 20 reviews a day. All I had to do to get over it, was to watch videos of people learning and knowing Japanese, and listening to songs I listened to, when I was motivated. I’m still not nearly as motivated as I was, but it’s definitely an improvement.

also I felt the nin/jin word, I hate those mf’s


That’s the worst because you technically aren’t even wrong. I messed up the 各(kiss) radical right before I burned it because the 各(each) kanji had just been introduced. And now I keep entering “each” for the radical and it keeps being lowered…

I think at a certain point I just entered “one” as a valid synonym for the 一 radical because I couldn’t stand getting that one wrong. :joy:

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