Thinking of getting a kindle

So my mom bought a kindle fire 8.9.  I am sadly not knowledgeable about tablets (But i have moderate computer knowledge).  I see that there are like android version of the site.  I’m wondering if that app will work on the Kindle fire.  (I’m thinking of buying the tablet off my mother due to not being at a computer most of the time and wanting to keep up with my studies).

In other words, will this /t/鰐蟹Droid-WaniKani-for-Android/2312/1   work on a Kindle Fire8.9  (I saw that the last response was 15 days or so so i wasn’t sure if anyone checked that thread often, i apologize if this counts as double posting >_____<)

Even if there is not, the kindle fires have a pretty decent web browser, so you can do reviews on there. You could also just check with your mom and see how well it works. :slight_smile:

Begin typing here…yep doing that right now seens to work greeat but i will have to get a review to see how things will go