Burn reviews in Wanikani android app?

Are burn reviews ever going to be available for the Wanikani app? This is the single biggest wish I have for this application (I’m using Android) even though I"m merely level 11. I can see this feature keeping me using the application far into the future.

I have researched this option and found the 3rd-party support for the website. I have it working properly but I almost never use Wanikani from my laptop. I’m usually out and about when I’m doing my SRS work.

In my opinion we should be able to select a random review based on several criteria (level - or range of levels, and type - radical, character, or vocabulary word) which would randomize all items/lessons meeting that criteria.

Are 3rd party apps usable within the app? I had just assumed not but am I mistaken?

You should probably get in touch with the developer of the app… can probably find who it is on the API and UserScript topic.

Thanks for the reply!

I was hoping to not have to track down an individual person but I didn’t see a forum for application suggestions/requests.

I tried installing tampermonkey on my phone and I’ve added the API script but it doesn’t seem to work when I login to Wanikani on my phone. It’s like it uses its own separate instance of Chrome.

Update: I’ve also found the Wanikani Speed app on Google Play. It looks promising but I haven’t really played with it yet. I still think it would be a great addition to the main Wanikani app.

WaniKani at Android Speed by nfinite: “A term is displayed and you must choose the corresponding answer within a time limit. The more consecutive answers you get right, the shorter the time limit becomes.” WARNING: MAY INTERFERE WITH SRS. DEVELOPER RECOMMENDS USING IT WITH BURNED ITEMS ONLY

WaniKani Mobile by s84606: although it’s no longer being updated, this app has tons of great features.

WaniKani for Android by xip: a very pretty app with lots of great features, if the look of WaniKani mobile displeases you.

These are the three android apps in the API list we have, the speed one is recommended for use with burned items only.

Also, as far as I know, userscripts aren’t usable on Android (can’t test, have an iPhone) and are a pain to get working in the app, so that’s why a lot of them aren’t in there.

Also, you’re more likely to get relevant responses by putting this in the API and Third Party section (no apps are made by the Tofugu team) so I’ve moved it to see if anyone can help.

Awesome, thanks for the suggestions … I"ll go check those out. Thanks for the assistance!

It let me burn radicals but I’ve not seen anything available to burn since maybe around April, i thought something was up.

Wait… does this mean it may actually interfere with Wanikani or it may interfere with only the concept of practice/repetition as it applies to SRS?

It can mess up the progression of the SRS system because if you don’t answer in time but know the answer it knocks you down a notch on the SRS scaling

Aaaah. If there’s a risk in progression that I experience in Wanikani itself I’m definitely going to make sure that I only use this for burned items (as is recommended).

edit: Not sure if this app is purely for me anymore. If timed mode is not selectable this might be more frustrating than it needs to be.