Things just got Painful

I leveled up! Woo!:partying_face: It took 1391 days, but given the first three years I didn’t do anything, I’m anticipating 11-20 will go much faster.


Congratz :slight_smile: I’m getting pretty close to painful as well haha


you’re getting close to Painful, painful is coming later :slight_smile:

how did you generate this?

Also, I don’t think I’ll ever get beyond 25, i was leveled up too high. took too much time off… the spaced repetition needs a reset button :frowning: i’ve beaten this many down before but i basically have to go insane and have no free time for a week or so ugh.



I thought 11-20 was Painful. Did I read that incorrectly?

WK Stats.

Wow, and I thought it was a bit insane when I went a whole day without reviewing this weekend and had to do 450 of them the next day! (I’m actually level 13, not 12)

I wish I wasn’t a broke student when beta testing ended and we were offered a reduced lifetime price temporarily. Merp.

Just looked at my stats for the last 4 years and feeling motivated I can get this back on track…thanks for showing me this API!

It’s really hard if you mess up and don’t use the vaca butting thi

No, you’re right. I think he was trying to make joke. The higher you go the more “painful” wanikani becomes.

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