Ding, Level 10!

I made it level 10! So why was it titled painful now?

The painfuls start at level 11 :eyes:

You’ll find out soon enough.


Beat me by a second… I just had to find the right gif.

Congratulations! Soon you will join us in the pain :smile:

Uh oh, I thought the hard part was over



I made sure to type quickly when I saw you were also replying.


How do you see that graph?


Plug in your API key

I’ll be joining you on level 10 in a couple of hours (assuming I don’t do something stupid on my next review >.< )

Wow! That was fun, think I have a chance at understanding manga if I reach N3 next year?

Interestingly start reading from this post onwards. Just had this conversation earlier today.


気を付ける 下さい :smiley:

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Interesting that your lie in april, which I have heard of before but just saw the Kanji name, indicates “Your lie” as the subject, where April is the subject in Japanese. And 君 indicates a young boy’s lie, which isn’t as obvious in English.

You should watch it. Do it. :joy:


Minor correction, in order to use the 下さい part, you first need to convert the verb right before the 下さい into the te- form.

So here, your sentences should read 気を付けて下さい


I am about to hit level 11 myself. The last two levels slowed down a ton for me because I stopped using my phone and do most of my reviews during downtime at my work computer, so I can’t use the typo script thingy anymore. And I typo… quite a bit. Go too fast. Looking forward to level 11 though! Bring on the pain.

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I was very careful. 100%!